Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Punch: The Stinker vs. Joey Bats; Videos, Still Photographs, and Bracing Commentary!

By Nicholas Stix

To those who were on Mars all day, or don’t care about baseball (same difference), today, in a Texas Rangers-Toronto Blue Jays game, Ranger infielder Rougned Odor (whom I had never heard of, but have now dubbed “the stinker”) took offense to a hard slide by Blue Jay superstar slugger Jose Bautista (known for a few years as “Joey Bats”), and promptly decked him. There was then a riot on the field.

Joey Bats is a notorious showboat, who theatrically flings his bat, whenever he hits a dinger, which very frequently. I don’t know if “bats” is due to the dingers, or the bat flings. I’m not a Junior Circuit fan.

The Stinker is a coward notorious for aggressively sliding into infielders. I guess he can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

The ejections: Toronto 1B Coach Tip Leiper by 1B ump Dale Scott (3rd); Toronto Manager John Gibbons by HP ump Dan Iassogna (3rd); Toronto RF Jose Bautista by 1B ump Dale Scott (8th); Toronto 3B Josh Donaldson by 1B ump Dale Scott (8th); Toronto Bench Coach Demarlo Hale by HP ump Dan Iassogna (8th); Toronto pitcher Jesse Chavez by HP ump Dan Iassogna (8th); Texas 2B Rougned Odor by 1B ump Dale Scott (8th); Texas bench Coach Steve Buechele by 1B ump Dale Scott (8th).

With many fines and suspensions to follow!

Umps: HP: Dan Iassogna; 1B: Dale Scott; 2B: Bob Davidson; and 3B: Lance Barrett.

That Lance Barrett did not throw anyone out of the game will enhance his reputation as one of the good guys of the game, though it will not help his standing with the suits.

What’s that, you ask? Who won the game? Who cares? Alright, it was Rangers, 7-6, on a TKO. The winning pitcher was none other than Matt Bush.

This ain’t over, by a longshot.

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Anonymous said...

Ernie Banks during the proverbial "bench clearing brawl" would go out onto the field but never fight.