Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Moslem Female “Scholar”: Germany is “a Nation of Migrants,” and “German” Will in the Future Refer to Moslem Women in Hijabs, Not Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed Lasses (Video)

By Nicholas Stix

Note that if Germany were the way this genocidal Moslem—pardon the redundancy—wants to remake it, she would not be permitted to do the job she does; 2. Her German is godawful that I had to read the subtitles, in order to make sense of what she was uttering; 3. The title “scholar” is today typically used for the most anti-intellectual, anti-scientific people in the former First World; and 4. The hostess and audience are traitors.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
There is a stereotype known as the "ugly American", I'm sure you've heard of that. It's an American who goes to a foreign country, demands that the foreigners cater to him, conform to his needs, he feels no need to be respectful of their customs or cultural norms and has an underlying resentment of "foreigners" that expresses itself in loud boorish behavior. Liberal types judge that type of American very harshly and condemn him as a racist.
Why is it these 3rd world peoples come to the West and behave even worse and those very same liberal types say we must cater to them? The contradiction is glaring yet there is no awareness of it in the media.

Anonymous said...

I check out the news on here,write a few opinions,ask a couple questions and try to report regionalized stories that others might find interesting.But the one question that I cannot find an answer for is this:Why do Europe and the United States want to let their nationalities be replaced?In Europe it's each country's own citizens by Muslim invaders.In the U.S. it is whites being replaced by blacks and Mexicans...and to a lesser extent,Muslims in local apecific areas.
The US was great from about 1900,the beginning of the Industrial Age,to roughly 2000.After that year,the flood of illegal Mexicans became obvious,blacks received increased welfare and took over our largest cities and gays were given the right to marry.Muslims are the next group being invited by our government to populate and replace what was a white,law abiding,hard working country.Why have whites barely raised a voice in the demise of what we built?European leaders are the same way.Why,after centuries of wars to defend their homelands,,do they ask for the ungrateful Muslim to come in and replace their people?Isn't it obvious that the problem is not the location of where the Muslims live--but the Muslims themselves?What country in the Middle East can be called successful?What country is peaceful?Why can't they fix their own country's problems?Fine questions all,but that's not why they're migrating.The reason is because they feel compelled to spread Islam over the entire planet.It's part of their religious insanity.
So the final question is...what do we do about it all?I did my part--I hope:I voted for Trump.I just hope he doesn't bend under pressure from all the groups bent on making him retract from all his promises:A wall,deportation and a ban on Muslim immigration.That and cutting welfare to blacks,along with more prosecutions of criminal ghetto blacks and more prisons,would be enough for me.
---GR Anonymous