Wednesday, May 25, 2016

If Bernie Sanders were a Cop (Graphic)

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Anonymous said...

Even more than that,Sanders wouldn't stop a black driver at all.What would be the point?Most have warrants and would need to be locked up (not allowed anymore in a Sanders administration).So even if they're waving a gun out their car window--let em go.White powder blowing out of the car--let em go.White woman screaming for her life as the cop drives by--let em go.As a bonus--release his unfairly incarcerated brother,father and cousin since many of the laws that put them in prison will be removed from law enforcement books by Sanders (or Clinton).
Sanders probably thinks his ideas would work because Vermont doesn't have many minorities.Let him get some experience in other more "diverse" areas of the country and unless he's got dementia,he'd never follow through on some of the most ridiculous ideas I've ever seen offered by a presidential candidate.
--GR Anonymous