Saturday, May 14, 2016

Political Cartoonist Ben Garrison is Driving Black Supremacists Nuts! See the Caricatures They’ve been Trying to Get Censored (Re-Done, Due to Censorship!)

N.S.: I had to re-do this post, due to black supremacist censorship (see Glaivester comment below).



This black supremacist privatized what wasn't his, to begin with:


Glaivester said...

You may have to find a different link for the cartoons themselves - The Bonnet Whisperer has protected his tweets, so only people who follow him can see the pictures from links to his posts.

Nicholas said...

Thanks, G.!

jeigheff said...

Hilarious! And unfortunately, all too true.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but how is Ben Garrison's Michelle & Melania cartoon not incredibly unfunny & just hateful? Just curious if you can explain how it's supposed to be funny? He makes Michelle look ugly, which she's not -- oh, wait, maybe you think she *is* ugly? I mean, she's no babe like Barbara Bush or anything, but she's not bad. THAT the "joke"?

Nicholas said...

You’re an Obama loyalist. Thus, you hate Garrison. What “explanation” do you think I owe you? You wouldn’t accept anything, and I’ve already wasted too much time on you.

Michelle “Obama” is a homely woman. Always was. It takes hours of makeup work every day to make her presentable.

Barbara Bush was also never attractive, at least not in the past 30-40 years, but she accepted her limitations. By contrast, Michelle “Obama” and her black devotees deluded themselves that she could somehow be as beautiful and stylish as Jackie Kennedy.