Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Choke Points: A Brief History of William F. Buckley’s Conservatism Inc.

By Question Diversity (the pseudonym of the Countenance Blogmeister!)

I have written here several times very recently on this subject matter that the real meaning of "standing athwart history and yelling stop" and the raison d'etre of Bill Buckley's career was to purge soi disant conservatism of any and every element that may offend Jews, so that enough New York Jews would become conservative, and force the liberal Jews to tolerate conservatism, such that conservatism could get a fair hearing in the national media which New York Jews predominate, and therefore, since the national media have heavy sway over national public policy, conservatism could be a credible national governing ideology. IOW, Buckley identified the national media as the choke point for Federal government policy, and in turn identified New York Jews as the choke point for the national media, so Buckley in turn appointed himself as the choke point for conservatism.

If one happened to like the agenda of what was left of conservatism after Buckley's many purges, then it was a good thing. But overall, it was bad for the country.

However, that alone doesn't answer why Buckley also purged Jewish anti-war figures like Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard. That in turn means my explanation above is valid, but incomplete. What it also means is that Buckley had a parallel and just-as-important motivation for his purges: Bouncing out of conservatism anyone who offended the military-industrial complex. As, even to this day, lamestream conservative media sources are dependent on either direct or indirect funding from defense contractors.

And we see how powerful the MIC is -- Everyone is supposed to be mad over this Ben Rhodes controversy, exposing how Obama lied to the diaper dandies that pass themselves off as the Washington press corps, in order to get the Iran deal done. I'm not mad, because I know that all of Obama's lies would not have mattered, because there were not 67 Senate votes to ratify any Iran deal Obama would have negotiated. It was only because of the Corker bill, which inverted the treaty ratification process, that it was “ratified” at all. And the only reason the Corker bill was passed, in spite of much red team bloviation that the Iran deal was so horrible, was because the MIC had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads because they envisioned Tehran going on a $150 billion shopping spree after the deal unfroze their ’79 assets. And as far as lobbying presence goes, the MIC will eat AIPAC’s lunch eight days out of seven every week, if they happen to be opponents, and usually, they are not, except on this one matter. And that in turn solved another mystery for me – AIPAC isn't that powerful, if it didn't exist, American Federal politicians and most of the others would still be as pro-Israel as they are. But AIPAC and the MIC are usually on the same side of matters, MIC does all the heavy lifting, and carry whatever it is to victory, but AIPAC will take the credit. Like I said, we see who wields the real big stick in the rare instances when they're on opposing sides of the ledger.


Joshua Sinistar said...

Cuckley choked but its no accident. He was the fair haired goy who was going to take the team to the next level, and sank them all. Its an old story, its blackmail. We all know why. That foppish grin and dandy clothes. We can see why Ben Dover fell down and took a dive can't we?
He's the dead America he killed himself. The Last of the WASP before the enemy took both sides over. Its been Harlem Globetrotters and WWE fake ever since. Cthulhu swims Left, but not because the country went an inch in that direction. Its all smoke and mirrors, puppets and deflection.
When all the media was three flavors of fake, the narrative was all day and you thought it was real. The Web unfurled and something strange happened, the Truth got out and now we all know what really happened.
Its not just money and the traitors are few. When you can fake consensus, you can still sell bad stew. All the fake experts, with all the same masters, with the same fake degrees and awards that don't matter. They all speak the same, and seem to agree, while reading the same script and pretend argue to please.
Its all decided, before the game even starts. One side always wins, no matter which team claims they won. Two horses in the race, neither for Whites. Place your bets, and lose bet to lose whichever horse comes through.
When did it start? Cuckley knew. It was when Joe McCarthy found out who was who. He was right, but lost, and said he was wrong. He was wrong to think he had a side to play on. Was Reagan real, does it really matter? He loved America but to Cthulhu no matter. MLK Day went through, and Affirmative Racism and lets put in some millions of Mexicans.
Fly the Confederate flag boys, America's dead. We are all Southerners and Rebels now.

Anonymous said...

On the other side of the spectrum we have Michael Steele.Tonight on "Jeopardy",Steele joined Anderson Cooper and the young female correspondent for "60 Minutes".I saw with my own eyes that Steele became the RNC Chief--without a working brain cell .He stood there,mouth open for most of the show.No words--just mouth open.
Best moment:
Answer:4 star general in the Iraq War,who became Secretary of State.
Question:Who is Colin Powell?
How does a big shot black Republican not know that?
Cooper was not great--so the winner was the 60 minutes chick.Quite a demonstration of it's not who you know but....
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"purge soi disant conservatism of any and every element that may offend Jews, so that enough New York Jews would become conservative, and force the liberal Jews to tolerate conservatism, such that conservatism could get a fair hearing in the national media which New York Jews predominate"

Didn't work, did it? You could NEVER do enough to make the media happy with the conservative. NEVER enough.