Saturday, May 28, 2016

Just in Case You Forgot What This Weekend is All About (Poster)

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't surprise me if people "forget" the Memorial Day holiday because most of the soldiers who fought in our wars were white--and we don't want to celebrate anything white anymore.MLK day???Black History month?You bet
.I think that's when I knew this black propaganda plan was proliferating beyond my tolerance level after February became a daily story of black "achievements".Totally uncalled for and all the TV stations went for it.That was phase 2 after MLK day was phase 1.Phase 3 is the current attempted twisting of our view of the races by MSM(and the infiltration of the blacks IN MSM).
MSNBC has at least one big mouth black woman hosting a show.She gets white people on that agree with her.I accidentally ran into that piece of garbage in the last week.Now it's automatic channel click.
Happy Memorial Day.
--GR Anonymous