Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) on the Principal Difference Between a Dog and a Man (Graphic)


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jerry pdx
I caught this one one MSN: Courts throw out murder conviction of man because the prosecution excluded black jurors. Yes, it appears they did deliberately do that, however, post OJ all lawyers are sharply aware of the racial bias of jurors, especially black ones, it is standard practice for lawyers to stock juries with races sympathetic to their clients. They know better than to document it though, which is the mistake these prosecutors seem to have made.

I wonder if excluding white jurors to stock a jury with more black ones would ever be brought up as an issue? No, because then is would simply be balancing a jury to be fair to all those poor misunderstood black criminals.

The man's name is Tyrone Foster, he raped and murdered a 79 yr. old white woman, in order to elicit sympathy they are saying he's "retarded". How is that an excuse? He's no different than 90% of black America.

Note the smile (smirk) on his mugshot, either he doesn't grasp the gravity of what he's done or he's letting whitey know he got one over on him. He may be dumb as a bag of rocks but I think he knows he did a "bad thing", and no black no matter how stupid, doesn't understand that getting one over on whitey is the most important thing in life.

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jerry pdx
Captain America gay? If the gay activist and PC fanatics have their way Disney will give him a boyfriend. This campaign to make Captain America a homosexual comes on the heels of their twitter campaign to give Elsa from Frozen a girlfriend. Who are these people and why are being given mainstream media coverage? Who cares what those twits twit? I enjoyed Marvel comics as a kid and still have a fondness for the character of Captain America, even if his politics were simplistic and naive. Why does he have to be gay now? What purpose does it serve? It doesn't fit with his character in any way, it just serves the interests of a small fanatical minority group. For that matter why does a Disney character aimed at 5-10 yr. old girls need to be a lesbian? All rhetorical of course, we know why those fanatics want them to be gay, to influence underage children into becoming homosexuals as adults, the lesbians anyways.

As usual, lesbian messages are being aimed at a much younger demographic, actual children rather than a more teen age level or young adult crowd. It's a pattern I've observed in the media, lesbians clearly understand their homosexuality is environmental and not some genetic impulse so they want to get the message of lesbianism out to girls as young as possible.

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You're on a roll tonight Jerry.All true.Trying to pervert a classic American hero is unbelieveable,but not shocking anymore.
In a related story,Marvell Comix announced that Tyrone Foster will be starring as the next Captain America,replacing Chris Evans.Evans was called "too white and law abiding--and WHO needs THAT?"
Of course that's fictional,but this isn't.
The old Dick Clark Show--$100,000 Pyramid--will be resurrected with another nig host--Michael Strahan,of course.Clips showed Anthony Anderson playing and the cast of "Hamilton"(not true about Hamilton--THAT I KNOW OF!)
So we have seen Cedric the Entertainer (an oxymoron for the ages)host and destroy the "Millionaire Show",Sherrie Shephard destroy the Newlywed Game,Family Feud become unwatchable thanks to Steve Harvey.Lester Holt make NBC Nightly News become the Negro Nightly News.Last nights comment on the Freddie Gray case was another classic Holtism:
"A police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray was found not guilty today leaving observers to ask,'why can't anyone get a successful prosecution (of white police officers?')
He didn't of course mention the 6 million dollars that was gifted to the family of Gray FOR NO GOOD REASON.Black lotto hit and before verdicts are reached in criminal court.I'm getting a sore neck from shaking my head at all this sh*t I see on a daily basis.I may have to stop paying my cable bill so I don't have to watch this anymore.
--GR Anonymous

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Below is a followup on Jerry's story of Tyrone Foster,but in Kent County Michigan using the same legal maneuver.I don't know who started this process--was it the US Attorney General Lynch/Holder?This is threatening to throw untold numbers of black violent criminals out on the street again.One such case is listed below.There will be many more.
--Gr Anonymous

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A man convicted of murder who argued a jury selection glitch prevented him from getting a fair trial will be resentenced to time served, but now he’s expected to be deported.

Antonio Garcia-Dorantes was found guilty of stabbing two men in Grand Rapids in October 2000, killing one of them. He has claimed self-defense in the case. After he was convicted of second-degree murder in September 2001 and then sentenced to between 15 and 50 years in prison, he filed several appeals that failed.

Then he filed a federal habeas corpus petition claiming his Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial was violated. He based that argument on the discovery of the computer glitch that had blocked minorities from the jury selection process in Kent County during the time of his trial.

“For reasons that were never clear to me, some of the zip codes in Kent County were underrepresented by the computer program,” 17th Circuit Court Chief Judge Donald Johnston explained.

In his appeal, Garcia-Dorantes argued underrepresentation of minorities in the jury pool led to an unbalanced racial composition in his jury.

“There was no record made of the actual composition of the defendant’s jury and I frankly don’t remember whether there were minorities on it or not,” Johnston said.

Regardless, in a September 2015 ruling, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with Garcia-Dorantes that his constitutional rights had been violated.

As a result, Kent County prosecutor struck a deal with Garcia-Dorantes that will resentence him to time served. However, that doesn’t mean he will simply go free in Michigan.

“We will inform the Immigration and Customs Enforcement people of the sentencing date so they’ll know to be here and they will pick him up and take him back to his native land,” Johnston said.

Garcia-Dorantes is set to be resentenced June 28.

Johnston and Kent County Chief Assisting Prosecuting Attorney Chris Becker say that the case sets a potential standard for other cases.

“Based on this decision, there may be cases down the road that we may have to retry,” Becker said.

“There are other murder cases from the same time period which now may have defendants raising the same issue,” Johnston agreed.

The malfunction affecting minorities in juries has since been fixed. However, Target 8 discovered in April 2015 that minorities are still underrepresented on juries in Kent and Kalamazoo counties. Some legal experts believe the system Michigan uses to select jurors may be to blame.

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jerry pdx
Interesting article anonymous, the plot thickens. It makes me wonder how this is going to affect jury selection. Pools of potential jurors are selected at random, the law of averages states that at times pools will be weighted toward certain racial groups, irregardless of the makeup of a city. Then the pools are winnowed down but what if said pool does not contain an adequate number of minorities to satisfy the jury quota? Does that mean the whole selection process has to change from the get go?

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Just when you think,it can't get effed up any more....