Saturday, May 14, 2016

There’s No Limit to What People Can Accomplish, if They’ll Just Work Together! In Tampa, the Community and Community Policing Have Collaborated to Increase the Murder Rate by 100%!

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

“Tampa, Florida, a place known for sun, sports, and crime, saw its homicide rate increase by almost double in 2015. The homicide total was 34, of which 20 are still unsolved. As we enter 2016 the high homicide rate continues just as the Black Lives Matter movement exercises inordinate influence on communities across the country. Violence carried out mostly by young blacks is becoming epidemic as the Obama Administration directly conducts investigations into “suspicious” police departments, causing local police to retreat to politically correct positions. This is directly contrary to the stronger “Broken Windows” police work usually more effective in black neighborhoods.”

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]


Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
Now racist blacks violence is "epidemic"? When has it never been?

Anonymous said...

The government is spreading it intentionally,just as a terrorist would spread biological weapons.Now we see the Arizona sheriff that has been against immigration and FOR profiling,is being threatened by the Feds for trying to protect the white population.In the eyes of the black/mexican/gay/LGBT leaning government--WE can't fight what they're trying to do to us,WE can't attempt to live peaceful lives.No..we are being forced to become entangled with the lowest humans on earth.I've written about a Mexican bunch that I had evicted next door to me 2 years ago.Guns,drugs,murder threats,prostitution and a class 3 sex offender all occurred thanks to their government backed section 8.Every once in a while,I check on those thugs on the police website.Sure enough--the head of the household is in jail until October for 4th offense drug use (heroin).Eight months--doesn't seem long enough time does it?These are the types the Obama administration and the many liberal bureaucrats and judges are pushing into our previously law abiding neighborhoods.Thanks for nothing.
--GR Anonymous