Monday, May 30, 2016

Diversity and Memorial Day Don’t Go Together Well: Blacks and Hispanics Celebrate Holiday by Desecrating Veterans’ Graveyards and Monuments; then Again, Diversity Doesn't Go Well Together with Anything Worthwhile


Suspected war criminal Anthony Burrus, 27, in the Henderson, KY, incident

[On the same topic:

“Henderson, Kentucky: The Usual Suspect is Under Arrest for Celebrating the Holiday by Knocking Down 160 Crosses in the Town’s Memorial Day Cross Display for Fallen Veterans; the Crosses were in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.”]




I thank my friend and reader-researcher, David in TN, for this article.

The photographs above are all of the Henderson, Kentucky, Memorial Day display, which was wrecked by a black man.

The looted, desecrated Petersburg National Battlefield, in Virginia. I haven't yet figured out who might have committed these crimes

The ones below are of the desecration carried out in Venice, Ca, by Hispanic gangbangers.

I did not attempt to post comments at the Daily Mail, because I know that I have been permablocked there for some time, and I know, as some commenters made clear they do, too, that the Mail's editors lie, when they say the comments are unmoderated.

"A national disgrace: Fury as vandals and looters desecrate veterans graveyards and historic battlefields across three states on Memorial Day weekend

"Veterans sites in California, Kentucky, Virginia damaged

"A number of veterans memorials across the country have been deliberately targeted by vandals.

"Sites in Los Angeles, Kentucky and Virginia have been daubed with graffiti."

Read the full story in the Daily Mail.




Matt Zcat said...

Since it is a national cemetery that was desecrated, federal charges should be pursued. This lowlife should receive a hefty fine, do some hard time and then have his picture published again immediately before his release.

jeigheff said...

The graffiti on the Vietnam memorial looks all too familiar. It's the same style of rough, untalented graffiti used by the juvenile Hispanic vandals here in good ol' Austin, Texas.

We Americans stupidly tolerate Mexican holidays like Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo. This is the thanks we get.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile another laughably inept report by MSM about the massive Memorial Day shootings in Chicago..."now officials are trying to figure out what can be done about it."
In a word...nothing.
Can black behavior be changed?Rahm Emmanuel says,"it's unacceptable."
Wrong!!!It's BEEN accepted by all walks of life,just as constant violence is accepted in the Mideast.
The ghetto,unless bulldozed,becomes its own always worsening-area of crime and murder.No one can stop it--because no one in the ghetto wants it stopped.The blacks vote with their drugs and guns.Nancy Reagan said,"Say No to Drugs".
The black ghetto says,"Yes"...and that will never change.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

That thing called Anthony is one dark negro. A real African with apparently no white admixture.

Anonymous said...

"We Americans stupidly tolerate Mexican holidays like Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo."

Most Mex don't even celebrate those days or even know what they are.