Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CBS News’ Scott Pelley, on the Civil Rights Battle of Our Time

By Nicholas Stix

I’m not sure if CBS News’ Scott Pelley made that statement himself, or if he was quoting someone else, but his emphatic delivery left no doubt that he supported the sentiment.

Pelley was talking (Sunday, if memory serves) about the federal lawsuit on behalf of non-existent people (“transgenders”), who are actually sexually insane men and women who insist that they are really the opposite of what God or nature made them.

Anytime you hear the MSM call something a “civil rights issue,” or supportively quote someone else, to that effect, you can be sure that they are promoting evil and/or insanity, and looking to screw over decent, sane people.

A friend writes:

Just noting that the feds are threatening to with-hold funds from North Carolina for not welcoming perverts to misuse public restrooms. But when has any administration, Democrat or GOP, ever threatened to w/hold federal $$s from Sanctuary cities and counties? Just asking.

CNN item on North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Another non-objective news anchor,I see.I was just going to post the exact same thoughts on these LBGTs and have before.They're psychos...just like Anthony Perkins character.Just like Sandusky at Penn State.Confused hell..they're deviant misfits.Some will be harmless,some won't.Giving them rights reserved for normal people doesn't do anything for the rest of society.So how far does this go?Well if Obama/Clinton/Sanders have their way,career black criminals will be excused from prison in the next administration--if not sooner.The reason?Racism by whites putting robbers,rapists,pimps and drug dealers away because we don't u n d e r s t a n d the black mind.They're just different from us--like the LGBTs.They can't help what they do.If you're crazy enough to have your genitalia removed and receive other hormonal treatments--you're mentally ill.That's self mutilation--a known symptom of severe psychological illness.It's getting to the point where ALL behavior will be accepted as normal.The liberals are so fixated on decriminalizing everything that prisons and asylums win't be needed anymore."We're all people--you just have to widen your acceptance of various types of behavior",they black guys getting white women hooked on drugs for reasons of racial hatred and killing them-either in the flesh or spirit.Letting two gays adopt.Letting gay guys lead boy scout troops.Giving the sick and perverted of society opportunity to demonstrate their extreme lifestyles in public is NOT BENEFICIAL to what I believe is still the majority of the country.By bringing them out of the shadows (where they need to stay),the sickos are given acceptance and permission to unleash their views of sexual and criminal anarchy without fear of serious punishment.The governor that's fighting this is a lonely hero--but he is a hero.Scott Pelley is not.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile,I checked in with Negro Nightly News hosted by Lesta Holt.After the obligatory weather story,which gives them a chance to put Al Roker on...Holt brought up the stabbing spree in Massachusetts by another insane black.The black criminals picture was shown for 5 seconds.IMMEDIATELY after that,Holt dredged up the Michael Slager story and showed his picture non-stop (Slager being a white cop).The Fed is throwing more charges at Slager,figuring,let's do this while the gettins good! (in otherwards,while Obama and Lynch have power).
Negro Nightly News needs an overhaul.It's boring,predictable and anti-white.Who's in charge of this mess?Seriously NBC CAN'T be proud as a peacock of this garbage.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Extreme cases and hard cases make for bad law and bad policy too.