Sunday, May 29, 2016

Racist, Wife-Beating, ESPN Affirmative Action Parasite Howard Bryant is Also a Traitor: He Rants that Cops and Troops Singing the National Anthem Before Sporting Events is “Systemic American Racism,” and that Black Athletes Should Speak Out Against It (Video)

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You know, I hope that black supremacist athletes heed Bryant's advice. It would force the issue with millions of white Uncle Tom sports fans.

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“Black ESPN Writer Howard Bryant was "Racially Profiled," for Publicly Smacking Around His Estranged Wife; White Wife Veronique is Standing by Her Man.”]


Anonymous said...

by jerry pdx
So Howard Bryant is being "profiled" because he is black. Waitasecond, aren't Johnny Depp and Johnny Manziel currently in the news for assaulting their partners? These racist blacks lie without the slightest bit of shame, they know that other blacks will nod their heads affirmatively as if they "all know how it goes", their lib white lackeys will slavishly support them in order to receive their approval. Anybody with even the slightest bit of awareness, and isn't addled by racism and bigotry, sees the many media reports of, mostly white males, celebrity abuse of their partners, the slightest thing that might be construed as abuse can be splashed over the front pages and sensationalized beyond human reason. Here's a list of celebrities in the news for "abuse", note it's mostly white men:

David In TN said...

And the majority of white Uncle Tom sports fans are likely Republican voters and even self-described "conservatives."