Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Breaking News: Three Black Thugs Stabbed D.C. Metrobus Driver This Morning, Hijacked His Bus, Caused Numerous Accidents, and Hit Someone, Who is Clinging to Life

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Juveniles Stab Bus Driver, Hijack Metrobus: Police
The bus then struck a person, who is now in critical condition
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
NBC Washington

Three juveniles stabbed a Metrobus driver with a screwdriver [?] and hijacked his bus Tuesday morning, D.C. police said. The bus then struck a person, who is now in critical condition.

[The news reader on the accompanying video at the Web site said “knife,” not “screwdriver.”]

It's not clear where the bus was taken from, but police say the bus in [sic] now stopped at a gas station along Minnesota Avenue in Northeast Washington.

Police say the bus was driven a short distance, causing several accidents along the way. The person who was struck was transported to the hospital with critical injuries.

The driver of the bus is expected to survive his injury [wound].

One of the juveniles is now in custody, according to police. Police have not said whether any additional arrests have been made.

It's not clear whether any passengers were on the bus at the time.

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