Thursday, May 05, 2016

Racist Black Thugs Commit Daily Mob Attacks and Robberies of Manhattan Newsstands, with the Support of Bill DeBlasio and William Bratton’s Corrupt, Racist, NYPD (Colin Flaherty Video)

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I can just see Commissioner Bratton responding, “Bullshit! Bullshit!” That’s how he responded at a public meeting recently, to a reporter who’d asked about NYPD quotas for summonses. That was comical, since it is common knowledge that the NYPD has had such quotas for generations.

Back in 1989, my foster care “work wife” once hung up the phone, and told me her copper husband had just called her, to complain that he’d almost gotten killed, chasing a wrong-way driver against traffic, because his commanding officer had ordered him that morning to get a “moving violation,” in order to meet the quota. And yet, one PC after another tells whoppers, in denying that the quotas exist.

To return to the focus of this story. There would be nothing easier than catching these racist thugs. They get out of school the same time every day (presumably about 2:50 p.m.), and rob and assault the news stand vendors the same time. Thus, as Bratton well knows, all he’d have to do would be to have the local precinct assign, say four plainclothesmen to the area around each news stand at the time the thugs always come by, and bingo, they’d arrest the kids. As for the racist thugs who don’t commit the attacks daily, their faces are clearly identifiable on the video.

And as Maurice DuBois, of the local CBS News affiliate reported, when the NYPD assigned plain clothes officers to newsstands being attacked in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn, the attacks stopped.

If Bratton and deBlasio (Warren Wilhelm Jr.) cared about enforcing the law, and having a civilized city, they would have started the crack-down the next day. But they support black criminals.

Black People Continue Assault on Manhattan Newsstands -- AGAIN!


Published on Jan 31, 2016 by Colin Flaherty.

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