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Insulted Egyptians Complain, “Hey, We're Terrorists, too!”

By Nicholas Stix
July 20, 2002
A Different Drummer/Toogood Reports

Pity the poor Egyptians. For years, everyone in the West took them for granted as the "good Arabs." But in Islam, as in pop culture, no one wants to be thought of as nice. Just as starlets – Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Jessica Biel of Seventh Heaven, and Cameron Diaz of There's Something About Mary fame – do semi-nude picture shoots, or appear on TV acting trashy, just to wash their hands of perceived wholesomeness – no one in the Arab world wants to be seen as a decent human being.

And so, in recent weeks, we've had an unarmed Egyptian suicide bomber crossing into Israel, an Egyptian-born pedant who fired two professors for the crime of being Jews, and a heavily armed Egyptian terrorist, who murdered two Jews for the same "crime."

The "suicide bomber" was a young Egyptian fool, whose life was going nowhere. And so, a few weeks ago, he decided to commit suicide-by-soldier, and gain some otherwise unattainable glory, in a religion whose believers claim (to infidels, at any rate) that suicide is a mortal sin. On the Israeli border, the young man walked on past the Egyptian border guards, who told him to stop, but who did nothing. The man kept marching towards the Israeli border guards, who told him to stop, and who shot him dead, when he refused to.

The pedant was Mona Baker, of the United Kingdom's University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), who fired Miriam Shlesinger and Gideon Toury, who worked on the journals The Translator and Translation Studies Abstracts, respectively, for the crime of being Jews – er, I mean, Israelis. Today's "polite" anti-Semites always say that they have nothing against Jews, it's just the state of Israel, "that s----y little country" that they hate. Just ask Justin Raimondo or Lew Rockwell or Taki.

Baker even noted that Shlesinger was a personal friend, but that didn't matter, when it came to doing the right thing. I'm reminded of how the Nazi Nuremberg Laws prohibited Jewish-"Aryan" friendships. Note, too, that Shlesinger is the head of the terrorist-friendly Amnesty International in Israel. For the Mona Bakers of the world, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. If only the Shlesingers of the world would learn. And Jews are supposed to be so smart!

Mona Baker, who refused to answer reporters' queries as to her ethnicity, was born in Egypt. She has spoken of a coming Jewish-perpetrated, er, I mean, Israeli-perpetrated Holocaust, and described herself as the "victim" of a hate campaign, since firing Shlesinger and Toury.

The Brits did nothing to stop or punish Baker. Let us not forget the proud, British tradition of anti-Semitism. Hear, hear!

I was reminded by the Baker action/British inaction of my days at the University of Tuebingen in then-West Germany. In 1983, a fiftieth anniversary retrospective showed that in 1933, when the Nazis gave the order to fire all the Jews at the universities, Tuebingen had nothing to do. It had done the Nazis one better, by firing all of its Jewish personnel without being ordered to. Tuebingen was Judenrein.

Some readers may find it improper for me to treat Mona Baker as a terrorist, but she is an academic, and academics do what they can to further the cause.

And then there is Hesham Muhammad Ali Hadayet, who murdered Jews Victoria Hen and Ya'acov Aminov, while wounding three other people, at LAX Airport on Independence Day. The FBI special agent in charge of the Bureau's Los Angeles office, Richard Garcia, has informed us that Hadayet was not a terrorist. Apparently, the Bureau issued orders immediately after 9/11, that personnel are not to classify as terrorism ANY attacks that take place on American soil. As the Los Angeles Times noted, Garcia chucked the Bureau's own definition of a terrorist act, in order to unfound Hadayat's attack. (Maybe Garcia got retraining from the Philadelphia P.D., the experts at "unfounding" crimes.) According to law enforcement consultant Richard Pryor, the FBI's approach to terrorist acts is, "Who you gonna believe? Me, or your lyin' eyes?"

As a July 6 Jerusalem Post editorial observed, "Haven't bin Laden and other Islamic terrorist leaders publicly called on individual Muslims like Hadayet to commit such acts? And when they do, isn't that terrorism, pure and simple?"

It seems that Hadayat had complained that all of his problems stemmed from the dirty Jews, but the newspapers did their part to downplay or ignore such statements, as they did his claims (which came from state-controlled, Egyptian newspapers he'd read) that the Israelis were trying to destroy Egypt, by sending AIDS-infected prostitutes across the border, and that New York's biggest drug dealers are Israelis.

Reporters preferred interviewing Hadayat's 17-year-old neighbor, Mike Danilewicz, who informed us what a nice guy the killer was. And the dead man's family informed us that he could not possibly have been a terrorist – to say otherwise is just a part of the (Jewish) conspiracy against Arabs!

Hadayet had told an American acquaintance that American authorities were wasting their time hunting Osama bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks, suggesting knowingly that bin Laden had nothing to do with the attacks, and that the feds were looking in the wrong place altogether. Moslems around the world – particularly bin Laden's supporters – have been saying since 9/11 that ... the Jews did it!

Hadayet's wife, Hala Mohammed Sadeq El-Awadly, has since clarified to the Associated Press, from Egypt, that her husband is innocent of all the charges against him:
"My husband didn't do such a thing. This is nonsense.''

"El-Awadly said she did not believe her husband was responsible for the July 4 shooting. She offered no explanation for how he could be innocent when so many people saw him open fire, but said he was being blamed because he was Arab and Muslim."

"He is a victim of injustice,'' she said three times. "In America, they hate Islam and Arabs after Sept. 11.''
Yet another Moslem victim of yet another Jewish conspiracy. Pity the poor Moslems, of the religion of peace.

As Dennis Prager observed in his July 10 column, "This country's officials are in a state of denial and confusion that is almost as frightening as the terrorism they are supposed to be fighting....

"By confining our definition of terrorism to acts committed by those with links to terrorist organizations, we may be ignoring the most frightening aspect of Islamic terror: There are many individual Muslim extremists without any links to any terror organizations who are prepared to slaughter Americans and Jews."

Frank J. Gaffney Jr., the President of the Center for Security Policy, and one of the most unflinching observers of Moslem terrorism today, noted that by the new word game the FBI is playing, Timothy McVeigh was also not a terrorist. Gaffney has also reported some facts that are humiliating to the Arab mind. It seems that Hadayat certainly was a terrorist – not just in the obvious-to-everyone-but-the-FBI sense of having gone to the LAX El Al counter armed to the teeth, in order to kill as many Jews as possible – but also in the sense of being a member of Al Qaeda.

As Gaffney reported on July 9, "there is evidence that Hadayet was connected to al Qaeda. On Sunday, the Arabic London-based Al Hayat reported that the shooter was a member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and that he had met Dr. Ayman Zuwahri, the Islamic Jihad leader who became Osama bin Laden's deputy, in California – not once but twice in California, in 1995 and again in 1998:

"Taken together with other aspects of Hadayet's background – notably that he reportedly had worked at LAX for five years in the employ of a ground service company until he aroused El Al's suspicions and that he then left to run a limousine service that afforded him continued, regular access to airport terminals – raises suspicions that the gunman might have been a 'sleeper' agent for al Qaeda.

And pesky Daniel Pipes had the temerity to recall a series of attacks that the authorities had told us were merely "isolated incidents," rather than terrorist attacks. (Pipes included the Croat, Damir Igric, who slashed a bus driver's throat last October 3 in Tennessee, causing the bus to roll over, killing six passengers, in addition to himself. The driver survived.)

In the context of Egyptian terrorism, the most notable case Pipes mentioned was that of Gameel El-Batouty, the co-pilot of EgyptAir Flight 990, who murdered 216 people while committing suicide on Oct. 31, 1999. As I wrote in an August 21, 2000 Toogood Report, El-Batouty's crime was the biggest (pre-9/11) case of mass murder in American history.

El-Batouty's family, and indeed, the Egyptian government, were so outraged at the humiliation of a Moslem being so much as associated with a crime, much less with suicide – which, as they explained, results in eternal damnation in Islam (stop laughing so hard – you'll bust a gut!) – that they ordered the FAA to refrain from publicly identifying the cause of the accident. But those terrible, infidel, FAA investigators went and named El-Batouty in private, and later, with mushy mouths, in public. Egyptian officials demanded that the investigators be prosecuted. We must cut all of their tongues out, the better to teach them and all the other infidels!

Over the past year, various reports have suggested that El-Batouty was part of the organized terrorist world. The main inspiration for these reports has been the fact, initially suppressed after the crash, that EgyptAir Flight 990 carried over 30 Egyptian military officers, including several generals. Based on the connection between Egyptian terrorist Ayman Zawahiri, arguably the most dangerous man in the world, who has been suspected of assassinating Egyptian President Anwar El-Sadat, and who is Osama bin Laden's Number Two, these reports speculate that 990 might have been a dry run for 9/11. But many Egyptians have always had another theory altogether: The Jews did it!

I am still working on the assumption that Gameel El-Batouty was a lone terrorist, whose motive had on the surface nothing to do with Judaism. (Although, I guess when you come down to it, every time a Moslem does something bad, it's due to the humiliation of having to live in the same world with Jews. Right, Mona?)

El-Batouty was a sex criminal. A series of female guests at the Penta Hotel where he stayed on New York layaways, had complained to security that he had variously exposed himself to, and stalked them, and a group of female hotel employees had charged him with aggressively hitting on them. Investigators determined that El-Batouty liked to wash down his Viagra with hard liquor.

As every Moslem man is taught, the honor of woman is inviolate, except for Western women, who are all whores, and who are to be abused with impunity. Since the New York authorities could not humiliate an Egyptian Moslem by jailing him, they were obliged to let El-Batouty murder 216 people.

So, let us stop humiliating the Egyptians, by calling them good Arabs. Oops, but the Egyptians now DEMAND that we call them good Arabs. For there are two sides to being a Moslem terrorist. Through murder and mayhem, the terrorist elicits fear, but he also cherishes the power to demand that he not be called by his proper name.

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