Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Glaivester: It Turns Out Vultures Can Give Milk! (Political Cartoon)


Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
This is a local story that has gotten a little bit of national mention, though every mainstream story I've seen has a pro immigrant slant. You can follow a link in the first story below and read the actual court decision by the judge Marsha Pechman (a woman, not surprising). A Somali male (always males), immigrant attending high school was determined to be older than his claimed age by radiograph bone testing. However, it appears to be illegal to detain someone based solely on those tests. If you read the pleadings the immigration authorities attempted to explain their reasons but the judge felt it wasn't legit evidence. It occurs to me that judging someone's age can be a subjective thing that can't be defined in a way that might meet a court of law's standards but sometimes it's like the definition of porn: I may not be able to define it but I know it when I see it.
I think they knew he was overage but couldn't prove it, except with a bone test. Apparently the legal system is taking away one of the few tools we have to weed out fraudulent immigrants. All they have to do is lie like hell and burn all evidence.

jeigheff said...

Man, Glaivester can draw some great scathing cartoons!