Monday, May 02, 2016

Don’t Wait for the Press Conference—Learn About the White Grand Rapids Murder Victim at WEJB/NSU!


War crime victim Jeanne Huntoon

Gofundme page set up by victim Jeanne Huntoon’s mother, Debbie Huntoon, to help defray funeral expenses. The page has raised $2,660 of $10k, since yesterday.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

More details. Gofundme pages set up in Muskegon by relatives, have identified the murdered white woman as Jeanne Huntoon, 34, of Muskegon, Michigan. She has a Facebook site with lots of pictures. Further details at 3:30 p.m.


Mother and daughter

Posted May 2nd, 2016 @ 1:00pm
Go Fund Me photo of Huntoon and her mother.

34 year old woman IDed as GRCC Parking Deck murder victim

Grand Rapids Police will hold a news conference at 3:30 to talk about the weekend murder of Jeanne Huntoon of Muskegon.

An eyewitness saw a black man in his mid 20's dragging her body out of the GRCC parking deck on Bostwick early Saturday morning....

A Go Fund Me page posted by Huntoon's mother says the victim was 34.

A suspect was arrested late Saturday neal Mel Trotter Ministries. Police say they believe they also found the murder weapon.


Mother and daughter

$2,660 of $10k
Raised by 46 people in 1 day

Created May 1, 2016

Justice for Jeanne

Debbie Huntoon

Hello all.

My name is Debbie Huntoon and Saturday police came to my work and delivered the most heartbreaking news a mother could ever hear. The victim of the homicide investigation going on in Grand Rapids, Michigan is my daughter.

Jeanne was a 34-year-old young woman who had goals set with plans to reach them. She was the most caring and loving person who was adamant about doing onto others how you want others to do onto you. She constantly was giving to others in need, even if it meant giving something she cherished. She always had a smile on her face and sunshine in her pockets, handing it out to those who needed it. She had so much faith in the Lord knowing he was guiding her in the right direction. She is the last person who deserved this.

I am reaching out to gather money, as I was a single mother who just obtained a full-time job trying to make ends meet right now. She was my only daughter and this is a mother's worst nightmare. I would love more than anything to be able to put together a celebration of life for her. Any money raised will be going towards putting her to rest properly and any expenses that come along with the burial process. Anything will be more than appreciated. I have no funds set aside for this tragedy, as no one can prepare for this kind of nightmare.

Prayers and positive thoughts are also welcomed, as the investigators are working around the clock to bring justice for Jeanne.

The story and news video can be found at the link below:

Grand Rapids Anonymous: The suspect has been identified as Marcus Bivens. Previous arrests include assaulting a police officer last year, and breaking and entering and automobile theft in 2014. He escalated the crimes, just like a typical black thug. has more.

Previously, on this case, at WEJB/NSU:

“Another Black-on-White Murder in Grand Rapids, Michigan”;

“Police Make Arrest in Black-on-White Murder in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Update)”;

“Information Flow on Black-and-White Murder in Grand Rapids, Michigan is Now Going Backwards!”; and

“Grand Rapids News: Press Conference to be Held Today, on the Black Murder of a Nameless, Faceless, Raceless, White Woman.”




Anonymous said...

Nicholas...great job on putting this together...and thanks for the good review on my other comments.This behavior is disgusting and far too common.Sometimes the white girl asks to be killed by associating with the blacks,other cases are random racist murders.All need to be publicized and analyzed so that people can hopefully learn.As it turned out,the ID of the victim was known Saturday,but not released for reasons only the police can explain(they didn't want the racial angle exposed?).The only thing left is how he killed her --and why.I'll update later tonight.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

My last blog on this crime in Grand Rapids that is being called "heinous",by the deputy sheriff.The description of the crime is the suspect,Marcus Bivens 19,had left a downtown bar and randomly passed the victim near the school.Some immediate disagreement ensued and he stabbed her viciously like OJ did to Nicole Simpson.You can only guess what he said to her and what answer she gave to him to make him become another racist killer. New on this story was that the woman was actually homeless and living at the Mel Trotter Mission.Other details and mugshots at
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...

Thank you, GRA!

Are you saying that the deputy sheriff referred to your work?

Anonymous said...

You're welcome and

Anonymous said...

Let me repunctuate:
My last blog on this Grand Rapids area crime,that is being called "heinous" by...etc etc.etc
Commas and sentence structure sometimes become casualties when I type quickly.
---GR Anonymous.

Robb said...

Sad story. Goes to show that you never can tell. According to the story ( this animal should have been put down long ago. It's not all bad news on that site though, saw this while I was there, an uplifting story about how a 12yr old who killed a 9yo is "doing well". I have been losing a lot of sleep worrying about the little monster. (

Anonymous said...

Robb,absolutely true.These stations like to make niggerade out of niggers.

Anonymous said...

A lovely Dutch ethnic woman from Western Michigan murdered by a vicious, envious black savage. Why am I not surprised?