Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What, if Anything, Does Donald Trump Believe?



Anonymous said...

The Donald didn't just go soft on illegals, he turned into jello.

We do not need a giant beautiful door to let in the entire third world.

We do not need any more immigrants of any kind, legal or illegal.

People need to snap out of their Statue of Liberty trance, because the whole thing has been a lie. The statue meant something else other than what people now believe it means. The statue, "Liberty Enlightening the World" was a gift from France to celebrate America's Centennial. It was meant to inspire people in other parts of the world to do what we had done here in their own lands and in their own ways. It was never meant as a door mat to the scum of the earth like that horrible poem by Emma Lazarus has brainwashed them into believing. But all that is another story for another day.

Is Trump unaware that automation is destined to take over 1/3 of all present jobs within a decade, and over 50% of jobs in 20 years?

He can't be that clueless. Surely some activists for sanity must have contacted him or his associates to bring him up to speed. I do not believe he is unaware of this.

But instead of tailoring his message to reflect this, he has gone full open borders. As if we make third world illegals "legal" by doing it "the right way" (whatever that means), presto, everything is wonderful. Surely he can't believe that.

The only thing I give him credit for is getting people stirred up and awakened to the illegal alien invasion. His usefulness has passed, it's time for him to ride off into the sunset now.

Then our only problem is, "now what".

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump believes in money. He believes in a billionaires divine right to make more of it, no matter how much he has. His wealth is built from the buying and selling of real estate and marketing himself into a celebrity. His wealth is not as dependent on the cheap labor market as is most of his super rich peers, so he's feels like he has the freedom to say some things others won't, doesn't matter though, his billionaire buddies are already setting him straight. Irregardless of that, ultimately his interests and goals are concurrent with the other ultra rich so his token attack on immigration will eventually just be another politicians broken promise.

Doesn't matter to the ultra rich that the jobs illegals come to do will be gone in 10 or 20 years (except criminals, they'll still find plenty of naive liberals to steal from, white women to rape, drugs to deal and diversity sentencing). To them that's our problem, they just want their wealth to continue to increase unabated. The social cost of millions of unemployed immigrants will be paid by us, not them. Their wealth insulates them from social chaos. Jerry PDX

MikeyBikey said...

Best we can tell, the only thing the Donald really believes in is himself.
That's why he's so fearless.
And so boorish.
But when the only other choice is one of the cluckservative regulars, uhmm ya grit your teeth and hold on for the ride.
The flameout will be worth it.
I think.