Monday, August 24, 2015

Dueling Censorship: Duke University Tries to Force Incoming Freshman to Read “Award-Winning,” Anti-Christian, Militant Homosexual Propaganda Comic Book; Christians Just Say, “No!”

By Nicholas Stix

The WGN-TV story by Jack Corrigan calls Fun Home a “graphic novel,” but that’s just a pretentious euphemism for a comic book.

This is poetic justice. Duke and other pc universities have given student members of the racial socialist coalition censorship rights over reading material, without considering that groups on the coalition’s enemies list might demand the same privilege. Beyond the dueling censorship angle, note that the award lesbian propagandist Alison Bechdel won for her … thing was a comic book award (Eisner Awards) for “Best Reality-Based Work.”

Consider the intellectual and literary level of a "university" charging $60,000 per year in tuition that assigns students to read comic books. Note, too, that Duke University President Richard Brodhead, who supported the 2006-2007 Duke Rape Hoax, and last spring's Duke Noose Hoax, is by trade an English professor.

So is Fun Home a comic-book “novel,” or a “memoir,” as it’s also been called? The answer is that it is whatever is expedient for militant homosexuals like Bechdel and her allies at any given moment. Well, expediency just took a hit.

And once Moslems start flooding into America's antiversities, expediency is going to increasingly take violent hits.

at WGN-TV.

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