Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Book on Black Bodies/Racial Profiling

By Nicholas Stix

I stumbled onto this the other day. It was published ten years ago. This is what has passed for scholarship for how many years? How many “academic papers” and books have repeated the same racist idiocy? How many trees have died for these mopes?

Race, Sex, and Suspicion: The Myth of the Black Male
D. Marvin Jones - 2005 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Explores the pervasiveness of negative images of black males in U.S. society indicating a fundamental defect in the mainframe of American culture itself.

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Anonymous said...

I read the excerpts...
#1.His first example of racism...quoting Howard Cosell on Walter Payton being "a little monkey"..
except it wasn t Payton but Alvin Garrett of Washington.If he can t get his first "fact" correct-then either he s a lazy researcher/author or just plain incompetent.How can you trust any of his "facts"?
Answer-you can t.
#2.It was obvious that the author is too prejudiced to be objective about black men.He provided excuses for all criminal or deviant behavior as "in the imagination of white people"Believe me...I ve seen blacks in action and it s not my imagination.
#3.Finally his claims of black "talent"such as rappers being artists is laughable.Artists provide entertainment and uplift the people watching.Rappers music is antisocial and endorses crime and low life behavior....and the blacks are too stupid to realize it.
That was enough black revisionist history reading for me.