Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Know! I Know! I Can Answer Wolf Blitzer’s Question!

By Nicholas Stix

An hour or two ago, Blitzer talked about how killer Vester Lee Flanagan II, aka Bryce Williams had sent out post to Facebook, and twits to Twitter, bragging about his crimes, and asked, “What kind of person does this?”

Answer: A black man!


David In TN said...

Has CNN or HLN asked you to be a commentator on this crime?

Nicholas said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! That'll be the day!

David In TN said...

I'm watching FNC's On The Record. Greta Van Susteren and company don't have the foggiest idea why the "disgruntled employee" did it. A couple of white dweebs, former "co-workers" of the killer, "had no idea he's take it to that level." Well, he was "difficult," but, er, ah, well you know."