Sunday, August 30, 2015

Think You Have Black Friends? Think Again

By An Anonymous Reader

Re: “Whites Always Grieve for the Rare Black Victims of White Violence, but as Vester Flanagan’s Racist Atrocity Shows, for the Umpteenth Time, All but a Microscopic Number of Blacks are Devoid of Such Compassion and Moral Outrage for the White Victims of Constant Black Racist Murders.”

The most dangerous misconception that Whites have is that they have black “friends.” I have one such White friend who believed that the blacks that she hung around with were her friends. That misconception was corrected about a month ago, as she was assaulted by a sheboon who felt that my friend had “disrespected” her. Her black “friends” stood around and watched as my friend got the shit beaten out of her. Now she gets it.

Reality: Some blacks want to kill whites. Other blacks want those blacks to kill whites. The rest will simply sit around and watch, as those blacks kill whites. NONE will lift a finger to stop it.