Friday, August 28, 2015

Atheists Win an Argument!

By Nicholas Stix

Some of my best friends are atheists.


Anonymous said...

As I've often said, lesbianism is a choice in most women today. A recent study has confirmed the influence of physical attractiveness when young and positive experiences with the opposite sex as a factor in whether or not you choose a life of being straight or gay. Women are much more "fluid" (that's the euphemism they use), in their sexuality. It doesn't point out the influence of the media which is busy integrating graphic lesbian sex into the entertainment industry and letting young girls know that it's also revenge against men. Go to the link below to see the article. Note the comments all follow the PC script and condemn the article as a pack of lies cherry picking specific examples that don't disprove the general rule the article is postulating. What is it about the PC mentality that can't use critical thinking skills.

The media nowadays is pushing two notions directed at (mostly) white women. You should either be a lesbian or have sex with black men. After all, white men are the bad guys. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

Ben Carson is just another Magic Negro that Whites just keep hoping for. You might call it the Great Black Hope.

Quartermain said...

It would have been better if he said "looks like we're both right."

Stan d Mute said...

Both atheists and deists are suspect in my mind. How can you *know*? Answer: You cannot. Old books aren't proof. Ancient people knew far far less about their world than we know today. And today there are far far more unanswered questions than there are known answers. Look at physics for example. Theory after theory based on the slimmest of evidence. Science doesn't disprove the existence of some greater power that "created" Man. Nor does any religion come close to explaining the known laws of science. So either way one must believe based on what? A hope? What's especially troubling to me is all the people who will kill for their belief in a deity or for science. That is fanaticism of the same sort underlying the negroes' maniacal hatred for whites. They *know* that whites are the cause of all negro problems and only by ridding the world of whites will they ever be free of said problems. Ergo "white Devils." Fanaticism. Muslims who believe they must kill or convert infidels. Jews who believe they and only they are Chosen and that goyim are no different from cattle. Christians who believe only those who are baptized and accept Christ as Savior will go to Heaven, the rest doomed to Hell for Eternity. Etc. Fanatics.

What is a race realist, HBD acknowledging, agnostic to do in a world filled with fanatics?