Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Video: See the Film Vester Lee Flanagan Shot of His Crime, Before It’s Removed

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Stan d Mute said...

And he claims it was (what else?) "because she was racist." In the minds of many many negroes the perception, wrong or right, that a white doesn't bow and scrape sufficiently before them is evidence of "racism" and "racism" justifies murdering the white person. Negroes are raised from birth to hate whites. Instead of being grateful for the unprecedented gifts they're given as a result of being born in a white society, instead of gratitude that they have the blessings of an orderly society, white medicine and healthcare, white conveniences like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, automobiles, and television, they hate whites. It's not that they'd prefer living in the Congo with their cousins, in dung shacks and dying of malnutrition or disease, but that they see what negroes have built compared to what whites have built and *hate* us for it. Hate, hate, hate.

The only thing more hated than the white is that exceptional negro like Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas who is grateful to live in a white society and works to contribute what he can to it. For every Ben Carson, there are a hundred thousand illiterate evil savages who would kill any random whitey without a second thought if given the chance.

Perhaps, if Trump is elected and succeeds in removing the tens of millions of Mesoamerican Indians, we can at last do something about the feral negroes endangering us. We will have to really, since the primary purpose of the Indians is to replace the negroes as labor and to drive the negroes away from civilized society. Without the Indians, we will have much more negro contact, much more negro violence against whites, and no Aztec, Inca, and Maya shock troops to protect us.

Anonymous said...

I guess this really makes the case for John Derbyshire's "The Talk."

Staying away from Black people will tend to increase your life expectancy, as Steve Sailer would wont to say.

Yes, I must say it is truly disturbing watching your typical black-on-white murders be videoed from both the shooters standpoint and soon-to-murdered standpoint.

And yet the US Supreme Court wants ever more Blacks to be transfecting non-Black neighborhoods through government fiat.

No wonder Donald Trump is despised by the Powers-That-Be.

Anonymous said...

Alison Parker had complained about Flanagan previously, the media is pulling it's usual games. I saw a copy of the document on TV where he accused her of being a "racist", but supplying no details of why she complained. I guarantee every black person in the country is going to focus in on the "racist" accusation and assume it's valid. The media knows that also and that's why they're playing that game. I wonder if it was sexual harassment. Black men consider white women who don't have sex with them "racist", and the white liberals tend to agree with them. I suspect if that's an aspect of the incident it will be considered "confidential" or the media will downplay it down to the point the public is not conscious of it. Not that it would matter to blacks, all they hear is "racism" is involved and facts won't matter. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

When I spotted this I immediately knew what was going on on that train. I've observed blacks doing this in groups before. It's "We here, we black and we LOUD! Get used to it whitey". It's a common behavior, it's not being normally loud, it's being obnoxiously loud, it's drowning out others and drawing whitey's attention to OUR group and daring whitey to ask us to quiet down. Then we say you're racist (maybe assault you while we're at it). One of the defenses was "White people were laughing and talking to", yes, I'm sure they were but they weren't doing it in a deliberately provocative annoying way. Looks like the train company is doing damage control and apologizing. Cowards. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

Blacks are frustrated by their own stupidity and take it out on both blacks and whites.Best advice was stay away from them--and Mexicans too (they re loco also).
Let s see the black leaders turn this on whitey..they ll try...we know that.

Nicholas said...


"Alison Parker had complained about Flanagan previously, the media is pulling it's usual games."

Can you link me to anything about Alison Parker's complaint about the racist killer? Much obliged.

David In TN said...

Is it certain that the killer ever interacted with the victims?

David In TN said...

The New Republic whined "For Breitbart it's only a 'race murder' if the victims are white."

To use an old expression, the pot is calling the kettle black.

Stan d Mute said...

This is interesting. A mainstream media reporter (ok, he is a bit of a maverick) debunks a "poor innocent black man murdered by racist poleeces" story in Detroit:

LeDuff also had an exchange with Trump at a press conference recently. And gave some fair reporting in Ferguson during the riots. Hard to believe he used to work for the NYT now that I think about it. Must be because he claims himself part negro..

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can find was a reference to her complaint, I'm sure you've seen that mentioned, buy I can't find any details of why she complained, just suggestions of him having anger issues. Something may come out later on but the focus seems to be on Flanagan's complaints about racial discrimination. The court pleadings of his complaint are posted online, there's a link to it in the text of one of the articles you posted. Of course those are public court documents and a workplace complaint would be considered confidential human resources materials, though that hasn't stopped the media from putting the information out there before, if someone gets it to them or posts it online that is. I did stumble onto a reference to Flanagan being gay. If true, it probably invalidates my theory of a sexual rejection by Miss Parker, on the other hand maybe he was rejected by Mr. Ward and that's what triggered his rampage. Whatever triggered him though, it's obvious it was his racism that festered and led up to his act. I'm wondering if the media is ever going to acknowledge that, seems doubtful though. This shooting will at least get quite a bit of airplay though, that's because it involved people in the media industry and they'll want to make a huge issue out of, all the while carefully ignoring the racist motivations of Mr. Flanagan.
Media sure didn't hesitate to make the racist motivation of the Charleston church shooter the main issue but as we all know, that was because he was white.

David In TN said...


Google "Earl Ofari Hutchinson" and check out the piece at his "report." In the comments, there is whining about how unlike us noble black folks, white folks won't forgive, and EOH chimes in how superior black folks are because they "forgive."

This is why Mario Boone at Vanessa Coleman's trial wanted a big "forgiveness" meeting between the Colemans and the Christians and Newsoms.

On the other hand, do you really see all that much forgiveness or charity of spirit among blacks?