Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Etiquette Among the Twits

By Nicholas Stix

I’ve just had an epiphany. There’s no reason to waste precious characters cc’ing to lefties, because they (like this mope from Politico) automatically censor anyone who disagrees with them. The censorship has a sort of perverse consistency—notwithstanding their feigned interest in “dialogue,” “debate,” and “conversation”—considering that their idea of civility is the silence of the graveyard.

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Anonymous said...

How did this happen to this country? Too much Obama? Too much Holder? Too much Lester Holt? Too much Oprah? How did the liberals get control over everything we say? Part 2 of that is why do we have to apologize for speaking truths? I see famous people every day apologizing for something they gave an opinion on.Today an ex baseball player made a reference to Arab radicals being like Nazis on Twitter, I believe it was.Subsequently he was forced to say he was wrong.Of course he doesn t REALLY think he s wrong or he wouldn t have tweeted it in the first place.But if he wants to keep his job on ESPN he better or he s gone...and he apologized.
The local blog I was on commenting on severe racial problems in my city was completely removed.They couldn t handle the flags of our comments by blacks...hilarious and frightening.Maybe this all changes when Obama leaves.For that reason alone I m ready for HOPE AND CHANGE---back to sanity.