Saturday, August 22, 2015

“Their Job is to Serve and Protect, Not Serve and Die”: A Black Mother Gives The Talk

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

This is not what blacks call “The Talk,” a spiel about how dangerous white cops are to black boys, which black mothers supposedly give to their sons, which I have concluded is a racial fairy tale. I don’t believe that blacks give their sons that “talk.” I believe, rather, that it’s what blacks tell whites. I have concluded that blacks tell their kids a very different “talk,” which includes directives to defy and even attack white policemen. But that’s not what Peggy Hubbard is saying.

However, Mrs. Hubbard has apparently removed this video from her Facebook page (probably due to racist black pressure, and the man who posted it to Youtube is threatening to do likewise, out of some ridiculous misplaced moral “scruples,” or so he thinks, so download it, before it’s gone!


"Published on Aug 20, 2015 by Orion Blastar.

"From her Facebook feed:

"Mirrored to Youtube to get her message out.

"Edit: She seems to have disabled her Facebook page. I question if I should leave this video up, or take it down to respect her privacy."


Anonymous said...

I actually liked this lady, she has grit, especially considering the kid that told the truth about the Michael Brown shooting was later murdered. I watched the video last night and thought she made sense and I don't blame her for removing it from her facebook page.

Anonymous said...

This woman is wonderful, totally agreeing with her point of view. God bless her. Too bad she isn't a spokesperson for black people.

- birdie