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Has George Washington been Dumped as the Father of His Country, and Replaced by Martin Luther King Jr.?


The father of his country? In one sense, perhaps--King may have fathered thousands of bastards.

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Comment on George Will’s Column on the D.C. Memorial for Ike
By jayjay9
2/20/2012 6:33 A.M. EDT
Washington Post

George, I'm angry this morning---and it's not with you.

I'm angry because today is President's Day and I see not a word about George Washington in this paper, and hear barely anything else about him and his remarkable life in the media at large.

In fact, your column on Eisenhower is about the only mention of our chief executives at all on this day supposedly in honor of them.

And this is what is even worse: Today was originally not President's Day, but Washington's Birthday. Suddenly, George Washington is asked to share the stage with such characters as Warren Harding and Jimmy Carter.

And even worse (and can you imagine it's even possible), America's only named holiday is Martin Luther King Day, a day on which the media was unending in its stories about the man and our racial past. Why is that day not called Civil Rights Day?

George Washington, in fact, may be "first in war, and first in peace"—but he sure ain't first in the hearts of his countrymen.

But the General who won the Revolution and guided this nation to being a Republic instead of a monarchy sure has been usurped by the politicians who place minority votes ahead of the celebration of this country's greatest hero.

One more reason to vote sanity back in 2012.


Disowned by his own family?

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Quartermain said...

First, Abraham Lincoln was the first one to displace George Washington as the founding father. Maybe not in word, per se, but in action in the sense that Lincoln was referenced and quote more often. Abraham Lincoln was the founding father of the empire that replaced the republic of George Washington with a strong central federal government.

Flash forward to late in the mid-twentieth century, Abraham Lincoln was slowly but surely supplanted by Martin Luther King Jr. Anymore anyone can make fun of Jesus Christ but say the say of MLK, watch out.