Monday, August 17, 2015

Donald Trump Called the Central Park Five Settlement, Which Gave $40 Million to Racist Black and Hispanic Cut-Throats Who Had Repeatedly Confessed Their Guilt to Heinous Crimes, a “Disgrace”


In New York, crime pays

By David in TN

Here is a New York Daily News piece on Donald Trump's criticism of the “settlement.”

Donald Trump: Central Park Five settlement is a “disgrace.”

“My opinion on the settlement of the Central Park Jogger case is that it’s a disgrace. A detective close to the case, and who has followed it since 1989, calls it ‘the heist of the century.’”

N.S.: Trump has been consistent about this case. At the time of the attack, he took out full-page ads in New York’s daily newspapers (or, at least, the New York Post), calling for the death penalty for the attackers. Never mind that New York didn’t have the death penalty, and even if it did, the crimes would not have been death-penalty eligible. His heart was in the right place. Black supremacists have never forgiven him for that. Today, no New York daily newspaper would run such an ad, at any price.

My two most recent VDARE investigative reports on the Central Park Five Hoax:

“‘It Was Fun’—Robert K. Tanenbaum vs. The Central Park Five, 25 Years Later”; and

“Ken Burns’ The Central Park Five: The New To Kill a Mockingbird—Fiction Designed to Induce White Guilt.”

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