Saturday, August 29, 2015

Does Margaret Atwood Have Insight to Give Us on Vester Lee Flanagan II’s Racist Murders in Roanoke?

By Nicholas Stix

It’s a feminist law that one must act with hysteria, idiocy, and narcissism in the heat of crisis, the calm thereafter, and on every other occasion.

Consider the following twit, presenting feminist “novelist” and “poet,” Margaret Atwood.

Based on reviews of the movie adaptation of her screed, The Handmaiden’s Tale, I happen to know that Atwood hates Christians as “fascists,” but even if I didn’t know that, it would be clear from her statement above that she is a feminist imbecile. The only contexts, within which the following statement could make sense, might be the depths of sub-Saharan Africa, or an Islamic society.

But Atwood wasn’t referring to primitive, non-white societies. Like all feminist propagandists, she is a coward, and a supporter of the very men who pose the greatest danger to females of all ages, and so she only attacks civilized, white men.

I have since read up on Atwood and The Handmaiden’s Tale. According to Daniel Greenfield, Atwood's "futuristic," science fiction story consisted of taking the worst aspects of present-day Islam--sexual slavery, misogyny, polygamy--and projecting them onto future Western Christianity.

More recently, Greenfield reports, Atwood has defended an Iranian-born Moslem charged with multiple violent attacks on women. Thus, like so many leading feminists, she doesn't even care about women, but only uses them to attain wealth and influence.

Meanwhile, Jean Hatchet, who posted Atwood’s rant, not only passionately agrees with her, but gave Atwood such a fancy presentation, in order to derive power from her. She is making an argument from authority—“See what the famous author said?!”—in order to derive moral authority for herself.

When people pointed out how stupid, irrelevant, and sexist Hatchet’s twit was, because Flanagan had murdered a man and a woman, and she was thus implying that men’s lives don’t matter, she posted a triangulating twit, claiming that she had originally “express[ed] horror at both deaths.”

I couldn’t find the original twit; nevertheless, the twit that I reprinted remains hysterical, etc.


C Rehill said...

Couple of things to know about Jean Hatchet. 1. She omitted to apologise for the Queensland murders (mad woman killed kids) blaming men. 2. Her real name is Vonny Watts (or Lisa Marie Taylor according to some sources). Time she was outed!

Quartermain said...

This maybe impertinent, but it is just me or does Margaret Atwood look like she could play the lead in this movie without make-up:

For the whole movie:

Col. B. Bunny said...

Robert Duvall disgraced himself by appearing in that greasy little movie.