Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It’s the Same Story Everywhere: The Criminal, and the Censorship—Auto Web Site Immediately Deletes Video of “Man Keying £100k Aston Martin” in England (But WEJB/NSU Has Rescued the Video!)

By Nicholas Stix

I thank my reader-researcher RC, who sent me a link during the day to a site called AutoBlog, which had posted the video below. However, by the time I reached the Web site, it had already deleted the video. Why? The usual reason, though of course they didn’t give any. Just “Oops!” in a word cloud, and…

“We're sorry, but the video you are trying to watch is no longer available.”

I’m not linking to the censorious Web site, because I have no intention of driving traffic to it. But I did dig up the video, though it may not be up for long.


Published on Aug 18, 2015 by BBC News.

Police are trying to find a man caught on camera allegedly keying an Aston Martin worth £100,000 in east London. A camera placed on the vehicle's dashboard shows a man approach the Aston Martin V8 Vantage on Morning Lane, Hackney at about 10:30 BST on 19 June.

It shows the man manoeuvring a pram before appearing to take keys from his pocket and scrape them down the passenger side of the vehicle. Damage caused to the vehicle has been estimated at £9,000.

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