Monday, August 10, 2015

One Year Later, It’s the Same Old Ferguson: Black Supremacists Roast One Pig, and Try Yet Again to Murder a White Policeman

By Nicholas Stix

The first picture below has the fingerprints of St. Louis black supremacist “community organizer” Anthony Shahid, of the murder cult, the Nation of Islam, all over it.

Via Countenance.

See and read Countenance’s live blogging/tweeting!


Anonymous said...

What can be done? All I heard on Lester Holts BET news on NBC was police shot an unarmed black again.That was the lead.But the black reporter explained just the opposite.The thugs father (allegedly his father) said his son was running for help from the cops and got shot.Its to the point right now that believing ANYTHING the blacks are saying as a group or individually is impossible.They re all lying just to have an excuse to rob, kill and probably rape as well.When will this stop being tolerated? After the 2016 election?

jeigheff said...

The evil Louis Farrakhan undoubtedly made his call for black violence against whites to coincide with the Ferguson anniversary.

Anonymous said...

And today they have video of the lying thug with a gun near a retail store.