Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Murderous PC at IndieGoGo: After Refusing to Help Fund Defense of Policeman Michael Slager, Crowdfunding Site Hosts Fundraiser for Accused, Racist Memphis Cop Killer Tremaine Wilbourn, Charged with Murdering White Policeman Sean Bolton

By David in TN

Has the same thought occurred to you that has to me? The killer was looking for the opportunity. Turning himself in and claiming self-defense in a trial, was it planned?

We can see where this is going.

“Indiegogo Refuses Fundraiser Supporting SC Police Officer” (Morning News USA).

“Indiegogo Hosts Fundraiser for Accused Memphis Cop-Killer and Family.”

N.S.: Note too that the Indiegogo fundraiser is a scam, because the defense costs for accused cop-killer Tremaine Wilbourn will be footed entirely by the white taxpayers.

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