Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Exclusive Report on the Michael Slager-Walter Scott Case: The Crucifixion of White, Former North Charleston Police Officer Slager May Have Hit a Snag



Obama’s War on Police (Contd.): Slager Crucifixion May Have Hit Snag
By Nicholas Stix

In an exclusive interview with, Andy Savage, the defense attorney for white former North Charleston SC police officer Michael Slager charged–absurdly excessively—with murder in the shooting death of black deadbeat Walter Scott, says South Carolina authorities acted with rank incompetence, publicity-seeking, violating state rules of criminal procedure, and breaking the law. has been alone in reporting the extraordinary persecution of Slager. He was arrested on April 7, and Slager’s employer, Chief Eddie Driggers, [Email him] fired him on April 8—without waiting for any court to rule on his case….

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Anonymous said...

I posted excerpts of your article at the Conservative Treehouse. There was only one response:

"oldiadguy says:
August 12, 2015 at 9:23 am

"I read the article, sadly it is a nothing burger. Take out the emotional content, the two biggest beefs Savage has is that SLED missed two bullets and deleted a laser scan.

"The fact is it is not unusual for the crime scene investigators to not locate all the spent bullets, when there are multiple shots fired. My suspicion is that Savage is playing some lawyer games or the journalist are exaggerating with the claims his investigators were just walking around the scene and “found” the bullets. My guess the investigators were scanning a large area with metal detectors and found the bullets. Seen it done before.

"In regards to the deleted laser scan, the reason Savage knows about the deletion, is that the SLED investigators documented the deletion in their report. Without knowing the reason why the scan was stopped and what if any scan was actually completed, it sounds more like a procedural issue that Savage disagrees with than suppression of evidence.

"If Savage was so concerned about Slager being locked up for the past four months, what has he done to get him freed? Many here questioned why Savage had not filed a writ of habeas corpus.

"I’ve seen something similar play out many times. A well known local attorney hitting the media with reports of how his client was wrongly accused and that he will prove his client’s innocence, all the while he is trying to work a plea deal. Whether this is the case here, time will tell.

"FWIW I agree with Savage that Slager was overcharged, but then I don’t know what evidence they have. We have to remember Slager made two statements, one at the scene and one to SLED. Slager was arrested with some confusion after the second statement. Also, his lawyer dropped him after the second statement, the police union dropped him and he was fired. I would really like to know what he said in that second statement.

"Take Care"