Saturday, August 01, 2015

Business Insider’s Dirty Tricks Campaign Against Donald Trump Succeeds at Taming Him: It Accuses Trump Adviser of being a “Racist,” so Trump Fires Him

By A Texas Reader

Reminds me of the late Earl Butz's remarks about blacks.

Loose shoes....

“Earlier today, Business Insider's senior politics correspondent, Hunter Walker, revealed that a senior adviser to GOP front-runner Donald Trump published many racist and otherwise offensive Facebook posts. Specifically, the adviser, Sam Nunberg, called…”

At the San Francisco Chronicle.”

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Anonymous said...

Trump wants to say the controversial stuff and not get upstaged by advisors.If Trump tones down..he ll lose support.Perot never did that...actually he got wackier.It s a fine line to walk.Too tame--people lose interest...too outrageous-people lose interest.What to do Trump what to do.My theory was that Trump purposefully came out guns blazing to separate himself from the other 15 Republicans.Smart move...but now what?