Saturday, August 01, 2015

8 Shot, 1 Dead on Friday Night in Bill de Blasio and William Bratton’s Brooklyn (Only One of NYC’s 5 Boroughs!)

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1 Dead, 7 Injured in Shootings in Brooklyn
By Rebecca Fishbein
Aug 1, 2015 4:20 p.m.

1 person was killed and at least 7 were injured after a rash of shootings in Brooklyn that started Friday night and stretched into Saturday morning, according to police.

The NYPD says that 24-year-old Donnell Smith was found shot at around 1:42 a.m. this morning at 901 East 56th Street in Canarsie. Officers found him at the Glenwood Houses with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso; he was transported to Brookdale Hospital and declared dead.

"I heard gunshots, a lot of them," one resident of Glenwood Houses told the Post. "It's crazy to live here like this, shooting all night. I'm afraid in the house. You hear it all hours of the night."

Earlier, at around 7:45 p.m. on Friday, two women were struck with bullets in East Flatbush after a gunman opened fire. A 23-year-old victim sustained a graze wound on her arm, and a 53-year-old woman was grazed in the leg.

At 11:30 p.m., a 29-year-old man was struck with a bullet in the face in Flatlands. He is in stable condition at Kings County Hospital.

At 2 a.m. on Saturday, three people—two men ages 34 and 47, and one 18-year-old woman were struck with bullets when a gunman opened fire at Parkside Court in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Those victims are being treated at Kings County Hospital and are expected to survive.

And at 3 a.m., a 36-year-old man was shot in the hand when three people tried to rob him in Coney Island, near West 23rd Street and Neptune Avenue. He is in stable condition at an area hospital.

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Anonymous said...

This popped up as an AOL and MSN headline, among other media outlets, it's about a black woman, Kristina Fox and her children being violently attacked by a group of whites in a public park. Note how she goes on and on about "caucasians". There appear to be some questions about her story. What was she doing in a park in the wee hours of the morning anyways? Just sitting around socializing? Check out some of the comments in the news stories, as usual there's more useful info there than the stories themselves.
OK, I don't know, maybe these were violent racist whites and if they committed this act the way she said then they should be jailed for it, but her liberal use of the word caucasian, letting us know they were "white" over and over makes me wonder what her agenda really is.

If I could I would tell her this:

95% of the time there is a violent attack on blacks like this, it is by other blacks. 90% of the time there is interracial violence it is black on white.

Then I would ask her: So in light of those facts why do you feel the need to go on and on about "caucasians" one of the rare times they actually do this sort of thing?

I would also ask her: If the media gives blanket attention every time a black attacks a white then what is the last time you ever read about it happening? Name me one incident you know about. She'll vaguely know of some but only through the local news but she won't remember any details because the stories pop up briefly and then are disappeared quickly. Plus they are usually sanitized of any reference to racial bias so she may not even remember them as black on white incidents.

No, Ms. Fox, the media "doesnt" give blanket attention to black on white racist violence, it in fact, ignores or downplays it. You only know it happens because you hear about it locally, then you just forget about it or think whitey deserved it anyways. Jerry PDX

Read her facebook post here:

News story here: