Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Romney vs. Trump, Again

By Nicholas Stix

Back in 2012, I dubbed Mitt Romney “The Chameleon,” because anytime he showed any gumption, a member of the racist Left would attack him, and Romney would collapse like a cheap suitcase.

Remember when Romney said America’s legal system was based in English law? Racist New York Times columnist Charles Blow ranted against Romney that he was somehow “racist,” and Romney apologized. And when a secret video was broadcast of Romney saying at a fundraiser—again truthfully—that 47% of the country was dependent on welfare programs, he again apologized, even though he had spoken the truth.

Romney’s cowardice alienated millions of voters (and not just whites) who would otherwise have voted for him, while his refusal to take the offensive against the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” led still other millions of voters to ignore him, with most of them staying home on Election Day.

Thus, was yet another eminently winnable election lost.

However, Romney did effusively praise a certain real estate developer named Donald Trump for supporting him (see video below).


But I was wrong about Romney. As he showed in 2016, when he tried to destroy presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, he does have a spine, which makes appearances at the darnedest times, and for the worst possible reasons. Thus, Romney is not an invertebrate, but rather a charming, intelligent, traitor.

Mitt Romney‏Verified account @MittRomney

I want to thank Jeff Sessions for his service to our country as Attorney General. Under Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, it is imperative that the important work of the Justice Department continues, and that the Mueller investigation proceeds to its conclusion unimpeded.

N.S.: Mr. Romney, since the only purpose of the "Mueller Investigation" was as part of a seditious conspiracy to topple a lawfully elected president, do you mean to say that you are a part of said conspiracy, or that you are "merely" a fellow traveler?


Anonymous said...

He means,"I'm with Maxine Waters--get Trump."

Anonymous said...

Willard is now a Senator I guess. Water finds its own level and so does Willard?