Thursday, November 15, 2018

Big Leagues' Postseason to be Cancelled in 2019

By Nicholas Stix

Because wins don’t matter. As all the smart money now tells us, wins are the most overrated stat in baseball.

That’s why the Cy Young Award will be renamed. The award’s association with the winningest pitcher in the history of the game is now considered a white mark. From now on, the award will be known as the John Coleman Award, in honor of the person with the record for the most losses in a season, 48, in 1883.

Colloquially, the honor will be known as the Cover Your Ass.


Anonymous said...

(GRA)In a surprising,early announcement, the NFL announced this years MVP award will be split between New York Jets quarterbacks Sam Darnold and Josh McCown.Using the same logic as MLB,the NFL decided not to hold the horrible Jets record against Darnold and McCown and look only at their passing percentage.
"Just looking at that alone,the 55% success rate for Darnold,on such a rotten team is an achievement worthy of MVP recognition.McCown also passed for 50% last week,filling in for Darnold,and deserves kudos.The NFL will therefore put both their names on the MVP trophy,and announce the award today."
Darnold and McCown were dumbfounded,when asked for comment.
--GR Anonymous

Unknown said...

'What provokes someone to viciously attack another person is reprehensible. This young man should be suspended indefinitely!'

DIII basketball player who threw vicous cheap shot barred from Fitchburg State campus


"It's one of the dirtiest plays you will ever see in sports. And millions of people have already seen the brutal sucker punch over the last 24 hours on social media.

Late in a Division III basketball game Tuesday, Fitchburg State's Kewan Platt wound up and drove his elbow into the face of a defenseless opposing player.

Platt is in his first year at Fitchburg State after transferring from Monroe Community College. He played two years at MCC, averaging 9.5 points in 45 career games.

Nate Tenaglia made a 3-pointer to give Nichols College a 76-63 lead over Fitchburg State with less than three minutes to play in the second half. After Tenaglia shot the ball Platt glanced behind him to make sure one of the referees wasn't looking and then threw a vicious forearm and elbow into Tenaglia's head and face, sending his opponent crashing to the ground on his back.

Fitchburg State announced Wednesday that Platt, who is listed as a criminal justice major, is suspended from the team indefinitely and barred from campus."

Anonymous said...

I posted that a couple days ago.N.S. should check it out.Could have been a fatality.Lesta should show the incident on his "Inspiring America" garbage segment.