Friday, November 16, 2018

Let’s Hear It for Sean Hannity’s Heroic Position on Criminal Justice Reform!

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 1:47:00 A.M. EST


(Zerohedge) Since 2011, more people have died from drug overdoses than by gun violence, car accidents, suicide, or homicide, the DEA report stated. Drug overdoses totaled over 72,000 in 2017.

In comparison, 40,100 people died in vehicle incidents; 15,549 were fatally shot, not including suicide; 17,284 were homicide victims, though an unspecified portion of this number includes gunshot victims; and nearly 45,000 committed suicide.

The DEA attributed last year's uptick in deaths to a spike in opioid-related fatalities. The agency said 49,060 people died as a result of abusing opioids, up from 42,249 in 2016.

GRA: I attribute the rise to blacks infiltrating white neighborhoods and getting the whites into this s**t on a rapidly increasing basis. There were whites in a particular area, around my neighborhood, that got their heroin from a nearby black drug dealer. They would walk back and forth to the negro's section 8 house a couple blocks away all the time.

One night, one of them OD'ed. Police did an investigation, but I never heard of an arrest.

Tonight, Hannity wants more drug dealing black felons released, "Hopefully 10 a day by Trump," blathered the host—and Lindsey Graham agreed.

"They need to be released from prison and given jobs."

These felons HAD the jobs they wanted—dealing. Lucrative, no manual labor, no reading and writing required.

Okay, just when I thought Graham was starting to make some sense, he begins this nonsense. Trump and Graham think that by releasing hard-core black felons early, the felons will repay the GOP in 2020 with VOTES!

LMAO. They will be sorely disappointed expecting that to happen. Whatever happened to "Law-and-Order Trump"?

These black drug dealers are committing murder. Blacks have been hooked on coke and heroin for decades; now the big integration of the last decade has resulted in an epidemic of white overdoses. Whites associating with blacks is deadly to whites—this is another example. Liberals, who hate whites, are in favor of prison reform BECAUSE it speeds up the demise of whitey at the hands of black and Mex drug thugs.

Think about that, Trump and Graham, before you release ANY of those worthless drug traffickers early. These lowlifes are out to kill your base.
--GR Anonymous-I'm a (very impatient) white man


Anonymous said...

"Integration of the last decade"? Integration, PERIOD was used to get whites- few of whom used dope before the 1960s- to become stoners. In her appalling but fascinating memoir "You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again," producer Julia Phillips describes how her ever-escalating drug habit began- she went to a black girl-group concert in the early 60s and found the ladies' room filled with young black girls doing coke. She was shocked but- like almost everyone else- soon got aboard with the cultural earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Like Don Zaluchi said: "keep the traffic among the dark people!'