Sunday, November 25, 2018

Man Shot, Killed on Front Porch in Dallas Neighborhood, Police Search for Gunman

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Nov 24, 2018 9:56 p.m.

Man Shot, Killed on Front Porch in Dallas Neighborhood, Police Search for Gunman

Police are asking for the public's help after a man was shot and later died on a front porch in Dallas Friday night.
I am a Private Investigator that does most of my surveillance work in Detroit, and I do a lot of my work in black neighborhoods that tend to be run down and this phenomena tends to take place in poorer black neighborhoods.
Are front porches considered "safe spaces"?


Anonymous said...

Depending on the house(who lives there)and neighborhood,the reasons for sitting,standing,moving up and down the stairs of a porch are few--and most are illegal.Blacks are either doing drug deals or being lookouts for customers or white women hookers/addicts,who they know.
Nothing innocent about it when blacks are on the porch (with cellphone in hand).

Anonymous said...

The insurance fraud investigator in Detroit is comical. Trying to figure out *why* negroes do much of anything that they do is an exercise in comedy. Somebody should have axed him why he only do his work from 7am-5pm..

Porches as safe spaces? Not so much. When that Chrysler 300 with black tinted windows and a fake Rolls Royce grille comes down the street the safe space is in the basement or better still on the north side of the Wayne/Oakland or Wayne/Macomb border.

Stan d Mute

Anonymous said...

Blacks in the Bronx sit out side all day long until it gets too cold or rainy. If they don't have porches they sit out on the sidewalk, having set up chairs and tables or couches.
It is not a pleasant thought that masses of able bodied males are sitting around in the day time not engaged in legal behavior. It's an army of technically unemployed -living on government benefits.

What are they doing? They're doing one of four things - selling drugs, holding drugs, watching out for the cops for the dealers or they are looking to see when you leave so they or their cronies can rob your house or car. Or to key your car or destroy any nice rose bushes someone may have planted. They like garbage, urine and the smell of crack. They do not pick up the garbage, plant flowers or sweep the sidewalk. That is beneath them.

They should do a study on how porch and stoop sitting relates to the slave cabin yard where the blacks were permitted to raise chickens and cash crops to sell and trade.
Blacks want to replicate the Old Plantation where they felt safe, they were taken care of - were given housing - much like NYCHA today - were given food & water - just like Food Stamps today.

Blacks feel very safe in a high demand hierarchical organization - like slavery- where ever they go, they have a driven need to establish a strong pecking order. If blacks feel you are too weak (translation - kind, compassionate, understanding, flexible, creative) as a teacher, supervisor or co worker, they will berate you and make your life miserable in order to replicate the Slave Plantation dynamics. They will put themselves in charge.