Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Shot or Stabbed, Run Over or Run Down - Remembering STL Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

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Subject: Shot or stabbed, run over or run down - remembering STL officers killed in the line of duty

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Shot, stabbed, run over, run down: Remembering 150-plus STL cops killed in the line of duty

From the first recorded death in 1863, through the tumultuous 1920s when 45 St. Louis police officers died in the line of duty, we tell their stories. Read more

One dog snarled rush-hour traffic on 2 highways, for 2 hours
Troopers in Arizona finally caught the German shepherd, which mostly was tired after its nonstop evasive maneuvers. Read more

She was ousted by governor's allies; he had to quit, and she gets her job back

That sort of sums up how Margie Vandeven is back as Missouri's top school commissioner.  Read more

Woman killed at Catholic Supply store sang in church choir; gunman still on the loose

Friends are sharing their memories of Jamie Schmidt, the House Springs woman who was shopping for rosary supplies when she was gunned down on Monday. Read more

Rain doesn't stop recreational weed buyers in the east

Recreational marijuana has been around for a while now in Colorado and other western states, but today marked the first day for those same sales in Massachusetts.  Read more

Oh, those holiday songs that make you want to rip your ears off

You have yours, and our features staff have theirs - and likely there's some overlap. Because really, does anyone like "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas."?  Read more

Martha Stewart's first Uber ride was 'a mess inside and out'

What! Water bottles and 'debris' on the floor did not please the lifestyle guru.  Read more

Your daily 6: Trump blasts war hero, ex-judge who beat wife now suspect in her murder and asylum ban blocked

People also are talking about a hospital shooting that left 3 dead and the dolphin found shot to death on a beach in California Read more

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