Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Anti-Semitic California College Suspends Study Abroad in Israel

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November 28, 2018
California college's faculty suspends study abroad in Israel
The University of Haifa condemned Pitzer College's decision as a blow to multiculturalism.
Despite tensions over the Holocaust, Israeli tourism in Poland is booming
Last year, the number of Israelis who visited the country was nearly 200 percent higher than the figure recorded in 2015.
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Sen. Rand Paul is blocking US military aid to Israel
The Kentucky Republican has previously called to cut defense assistance to the Jewish state. Now's he holding up a $38 billion package.
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Opinion: Why my Israeli college displayed a Hanukkah menorah and a Christmas tree
Hanukkah is a time to focus on peace among family and neighbors, writes the dean of humanities at Ono Academic College.
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Son of Brazil's president-elect confirms to Jared Kushner that the country's embassy will move to Jerusalem

The Netherlands Foreign Ministry wants Jews everywhere to criticize Israel

Ilhan Omar lauds Jewish-Muslim cooperation in fighting bigotry

These 5 countries are falling short on returning Nazi-looted art

Holocaust scholar Randolph Louis Braham, a two-time Jewish National Book Award winner, dies at 95
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Anonymous said...

Tell the school administrators to offer send the kids to North Korea and I bet the administrators would go gaga with joy at the suggestion.