Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Orange County's Booming Foreign Population Coincides with Democrat Sweep

By "W"
Tue, Nov 20, 2018 3:01 p.m.
Orange County's Booming Foreign Population Coincides with Democrat Sweep

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Anonymous said...

I looked it up and orange,in Spanish,is naranja.When will Orange county's name be changed to its predominantly Mexican populated moniker?Naranja County.Is it not inevitable?Just do it already.The Mex are already eliminating white history,statues,street names--how the hell did a white guy named Jerry Brown survive the invasion of our biggest state by a foreign ethnic group?Talk about a figurehead.
The Hispanics living in Naranja County or the state of California are not Americans,they are triumphant Mexican invaders.The state is essentially Mexican and will only become more so.
Our passivity in allowing the invasion to succeed has only emboldened others to try the same strategy.Muslims have observed this feat of unarmed takeover of California and are attempting the same in Europe and various areas of the US.A foot in the door and they will out-reproduce whitey for eventual takeover.It's happening in Minnesota,southeast Michigan and I'm sure other places,
WE should force California to secede from America and treat them as an offshoot of Mexico.Let them operate without the other 49 states tax money keeping it solvent.Win win for the US.Naranja and California are a lost cause.
--GR Anonymous