Sunday, November 25, 2018

News Alert: The Council of Conservative Citizens is Not Dead, but Google and Other Racist Powers Seek to Make It Look that Way

By Nicholas Stix

I just tried in vain to find the CofCC, an invaluable site for news on black-on-white crime which I had unfortunately neglected for some time. I will turn my attention in one direction for anywhere from six months to several years, before I remember important Web sites. The same thing happened to me once with a wonderful, Greenwich Village café that had some of the nicest waitresses in town. Its symbol was one or two ducks, and it was either on West 7th Street, or Seventh Avenue.

Well, I forgot its name and its exact address, and thus “lost it” for years.

When I remembered to hit the link to the CofCC, I learned that it was for sale by GoDaddy.

Something stunk, so I googled the site, but Google listed no direct link on its first page of hits. I was forced to visit the organization’s Pretend Encyclopedia page, in order to reach a link to the CofCC.

Note that DuckDuckGo does have a first-page entry for the CofCC’s Web page, right after The Pretend Encyclopedia.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Whatever happened to "Violence against Whites"? It was a valuable information source but is completely gone. In fact, all sites that listed hate crimes against whites have vanished. They must have all been deplatformed. I can't even find any references to them being gone. Not surprising, the powers of political correctness are erasing any evidence of black racism they can all the while ratcheting up hysteria about fake white on black (or Muslim, gay etc...) hate crime. Next step they'll be coming for sites like this.
That's the whole problem with the internet, everything we do passes through the gateway of a few internet giants who become the de facto monitors of political content.

Anonymous said...

These excellent sites are still present and accounted for: The former is the more comprehensive and detailed, but I confess to not visiting it regularly because it's just too damn depressing.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Thanks for the tip. The problem is they just don't show up anymore on keyword searches, or they are just buried down so far in the search results it's impractical to find them that way. I used to be able to put in "black on white violence" and bring them right up. Not anymore. You can find them if you know where they are but how do you know about them if you can't find them? So if you already knew about them you might be able to search them out but it's clear the thought nazi's want to bury them as deeply as possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jerry, I'm not a compulsive internet commenter, but occasionally I'll post something on Breitbart or Newsbusters, and I try to post something useful such as a link to SBPDL or NewNation or something else of interest like . My hope is that if just one person sees it and goes to one of those sites, they'll pass it on to someone else, and so on. Judging from the response to my postings, which is basically zilch, maybe it's a waste of time, but what else can one do?