Saturday, November 24, 2018

Police Unleash Tear Gas and Water Cannons on Projectile-Throwing, "Yellow Vest" Rioters in Paris

By Reader-Researcher R.C.
Sat, Nov 24, 2018 6:00 p.m.

Police unleash tear gas and water cannons on projectile throwing protesters in Paris, as the 'Yellow Vest' upheaval against fuel prices turns areas of the French capital into the war zones.

Tear gas and a water cannon were deployed in Paris as protesters again flooded the streets against fuel prices hikes. Thousands have been protesting across France against the measure, which resulted in massive blockades.
R.C.: White folks rioting in gay Paree?


N.S.: They're surely communists and anarchists.

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Anonymous said...

Was talking with Mrs Mute last night on this subject and laughing/crying that the Frogs won’t protest the invasion of their Nation by Arabs and negroes, but will start a civil war when gas prices rise or somebody suggests that they should work more than twenty hours a week.

“Screw my kids and grandkids! They owe me! Raise the national debt to subsidize my fuel bills.”

It’s increasingly hard to believe that there was ever a time when consideration of future generations was paramount.

Stan d Mute