Thursday, November 29, 2018

“I’m sick of this little bitch”: White, Eight-Month-Old Reese Bowman’s Black Hate Crime Murderer, Leah Walden, Before Killing Her

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

My response to Colin Flaherty:

Why hasn't the whole country heard about this racist atrocity?
Why did I just learn about it from you, Mr. Flaherty?
Why did it take an English newspaper to bring this evil to American eyes?
Rhetorical questions all.


Anonymous said...

Any company that sends a black to care for a white child or a white senior citizen--or any white relative who allows a black to care for their child or older relative,can only be called clueless at best and hateful and unconscionable at worst.
I fear for any white person(young or old) who has to rely on a black for their well being--AND I'm sure there are many more assaults,beatings,robberies and murders,especially in nursing homes,than are reported.
I hope I have enough money and marbles working in my head to never allow that situation to happen me.
--GR Anonymous-I'm a white man

Anonymous said...

The negress did not commit a hate crime.Negroes as a group cannot commit a hate crime. Al Roker I am sure is the expert in such matters.

Should be charged with federal hate crimes charges and get the death penalty.

A child killed by an adult too.Means three times the normal amount of punishment if not death.

I bet a lot of this happens in senior nursing homes too.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sick of this bitch."
Same caption can be applied to KC's Kareem Hunt still pic in the hotel hallway,since it's probably what he said to the stupid,white groupie,before he decked and kicked her.
"She wouldn't have sex with my friend,"said Hunt.She also allegedly called him a nig--normal black/white dialogue,lol.
One more.I saw a commercial today for Cadillac,showing blacks driving in a $489 a month lease payment vehicle.Lol again.On TV ads,the companies put blacks in the most hilarious places.Beautiful homes,luxurious cars.Yet,the only blacks I see in cars,are riding in the passenger seat of a junker--with their white GF driving.Houses?Please,garbage dumps with walls,more like it.But on TV,they're eating the finest food,drinking the best liquor and driving the best automobiles.
If this stuff isn't the product of a group of delirious liberal writers,who refuse to show inner city reality,I don't know what is.MY commercial would go like this:
A black thug and his white or black gf is driving a new Cadillac for a few seconds down a road,smiling.Quickly,police flashers start glowing behind them,with a pullover.
"You're under arrest for auto theft,get out of the car!!!"
Girlfriend says:"I should have KNOWN this wasn't yo damn car."

Voiceover:"When you want to steal a car,steal the best--Cadillac."
--GR Anonymous-I'm a white man