Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Jim Acosta’s Press Credentials Suspended after He Committed Assault and Battery on White House Aide

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The incident from earlier today begins at circa 1:28:


To those who object to my calling what Acosta did to the young woman assault and battery, that is what the law says. Trump-haters had no problem with said definition, when media operative Michelle Fields (then employed by Breitbart News, in one of its many questionable hires), charged candidate Trump’s campaign manager, Cory Lewandowski, with assault and battery, after he’d grabbed her by the arm while protecting the candidate after a March, 2016 campaign event.


Anonymous said...

After Acosta,the next clown--posing as a reporter--Peter Jacobson,stood up to defend Acosta and ask Trump,"Why are you pitting Americans against Americans?"(What kind of question is that,except to provoke Trump and instigate anger?It wasn't to get information,was it?)
Trump,without missing a beat,said,"You're almost as bad as he is."They're both horrible,Mr.Trump.
To me,Acosta and Jacobsen are tied for first place,in the category of "being insolent a-holes".Sam Donaldson would be considered an introvert--compared to these two lousy excuses for newsmen.Kristin Welker,Hallie Jackson are female versions of the male reporters mentioned.The questions are accusatory and meant to cause a defensive response from Trump.
Have you seen the latest CBS ad for its 630pm national newscast?"REAL NEWS",they call it,an obvious response to being called "Fake."
If they have to tell us its "REAL",it MUST be fake.Cronkite never aired commercials that promoted,explained,or defended his newscasts.He didn't have to though.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...

GRA, Are you sure that was Peter Jacobson, and not Peter Alexander?

Anonymous said...

It WAS Alexander (the NOT great).Thanks for the heads up.Jacobsen is a golfer--Alexander a hack reporter,got

Anonymous said...

I guess I was checking to see if you read every word or just browsed.I got my answer.(I'm kidding btw).