Tuesday, November 06, 2018

MSNBC: Andrew Gillum Has Won the Florida Gubernatorial Election over Ron deSantis, 3,343,364 Votes to 3,297,970! Wait, What?

By Nicholas Stix

Anyone remember in 2000, when various MSM networks lied, and told Floridians that all polling places in the state were closed, even though they were all open for another hour in the heavily-Republican Panhandle? The "journalists" sought to depress voting there, so that Al Gore could win the state, and thereby the election.

MSNBC accidentally shows false results of Tomorrow’s election that has not happened in Florida showing socialist Gillum in slight lead against ⁦@RonDeSantisFL⁩. Wishful thinking? What do you think …
11:42 PM - Nov 5, 2018


Anonymous said...

Mostly Stupid Negro Ballot Counters(MSNBC)
Whiteys--blacks can't count over 10--make sure ballots are done correctly.

Peteforester said...

Nothing planned here... An honest mistake... Yeah; uh-h...

Anonymous said...

9:15 GRA Checking in:
DEM Gretchen Whitmer checkmarked to win Governor race in Michigan.Black John James slightly behind for Senate--no call by FOX yet.Detroit votes usually come in later,if I remember correctly.
Overall,a lot of Dems are winning,Cruz in trouble in Texas.Gillum and Nelson losing by a half percent in their Florida races with 93% in.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Just watched NBC election coverage with Lester Holt and his crew of white flunkies, Sarah Sanders came on and while talking about the election mentioned that Trump was regretful about his "tone" previously, though she didn't say exactly what. Lesta suddenly said: "Does President Trump regret how he went after immigration"?
Spoken as if it's assumed that Trump has done something wrong about immigration. I knew Lesta was going to interject his political bias at some point, and may very well do it again before the night is out but I just couldn't stand seeing his smirking, Ah luvs gettin' one over on whitey, mug anymore and turned the election coverage off.

Anonymous said...

Best quote by Gillum in his concession speech:"Though I wont be serving like I was hoping to,I still believe that good triumphs over evil."
It did,in this case
Black John James also lost in Michigan it appears.He just conceded.
More good news:Georgia's governorship will not go black.
Gretchen Whitmer's running mate however is bigmouth radical blackie,Garlin Gilcrist,a Detroit activist(white hater).
Something I noticed tonight,the blacks,including Gillum and Gilchrist,while making their speeches,said,"Y'all" at least a couple times--which I found interesting.Reminded me of blackies from the 60s--and not blacks that want to talk like or work with whites.
What this election means for whites, nationally at this point,can only be described by me,as "plugging a leaking dam"--a temporary reprieve from a destructive flood of minority rule,but for how long?
Trump has to stand up for whites and decide on a long term plan to ensure our survival.
From this point forward,it's us against them.Whites vs minorities,Christians vs Muslims.The battles will be violent as the demographics cause continued upheaval--all encouraged by Dem politicians and media.
What will the victors of these wars win?
Survival and power(that's all,no biggies).
--GR Anonymous