Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Rabbi Y Menken: “It is true that anti-Semitism increased in 2017 – if we include” … hoaxes by a Jew and anti-Semitic hate crimes by a black Obama volunteer…

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Rabbi Yaakov Menken
November 4 at 7:50 A.M.

“It is true that anti-Semitism increased in 2017 – if we include the 163 bomb threats against JCC’s made by a mentally-disturbed Israeli teen and the Obama volunteer who was stalking his former girlfriend. Of the twelve violent hate crimes against Jews in New York State, nine, fully three-quarters, were in Brooklyn and directed against easily-identified Orthodox Jews – the vast majority (over 90%) of whom support President Trump. Not one of the perpetrators has been identified as a white supremacist. So the leftists are not merely wrong, but are blaming the very Jews who clearly know anti-Semitism far better than they do.”

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Anonymous said...

"Not one of the perpetrators has been identified as a white supremacist."

And if some Pakistani or Arab beat a Jew that perp would be counted as a WHITE. Statistics deliberately skewed for political reasons.

90 % of Orthodox Jews voted for Trump! Wow! Welcome all of you!

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of hate a prank, 4 members of a Georgia High School marching band that have instrument covers with letters on them, rearranged the letters, that normally spell "Broncos", to spell "coon".
This was done during a performance at a game and viewed by the entire audience. It's actually pretty funny but the school, media & parents are all wildly virtue signalling in order to see who can condemn the act more. Media is getting in on the act but also is neglecting to report that the perps in this horrific act of hate are 2 blacks students, 1 hispanic and 1 asian one. Unless the hispanic is a white hispanic then not one whitey was involved. The link I'm attaching to the article is an oddball internet news site but it's the only one I could find that clearly states the pranksters were not white. This has garnered a fair amount of publicity but because the culprits were not white the usual hysteria has been a little muted IMHO. The reason the school and local media is so up in arms is because it happened at a school in full view of a lot of people, they feel embarrassed so have to express outrage.

Every time I heard about something like this I often think back to sitting in the stands at my son's basketball games at schools with a large black student body and listened to the N word being bandied about by the black kids. They were not shy about saying it to each other and even shouting it across the gym. This is common at all schools with black student bodies yet school admin, teachers and parents say and do nothing. Now in Georgia they're outraged at a few kids spelling out coon. Sanctimonious hypocrites all of them.

Anonymous said...

" listened to the N word being bandied about by the black kids."

NIGGA. NIGGAZ! Just means MAN. The girl friend at the trial of Zimmerman said it was so. So it must be. Just like motherfucker means MAN too. The colored have a way with the words.