Wednesday, November 07, 2018

DeSantis Beats Gillum in Florida Gubernatorial Election Squeaker, in Spite of Renewed Media Attempts at GOP Voter Suppression, on Behalf of Gillum!

[Of related interest: MSNBC: Andrew Gillum Has Won the Florida Gubernatorial Election over Ron deSantis, 3,343,364 Votes to 3,297,970! Wait, What?”]

By Nicholas Stix and A Friend

At The Miami Herald.

At The Washington Examiner.


Anonymous said...

Very similar to Trump over Clinton in 2016.Whites hanging on by a thread.

Anonymous said...

GRA:One of the many comments from the night:
"There are two bright spots this morning in Florida. DeSantis got enough of the Hispanic vote to win over a black Marxist and Bill Nelson got tossed into the dustbin of history. The cancer that crept in was the electorates’ stupid decision that will allow 1.5 million convicted felons to vote in the next election. This decision will turn the state blue forever. "
GRA:And this is how a country's voting system can change.You would think a felon would never be allowed to vote--unless the Commie faction figures that they know how to add 1.5 million Dems for 2020.If Hillary had thought of this in 2014...oh well,Oprah just said,"Thank you and I accept your nomination as President."

Anonymous said...

Did the negro Black Panthers show up with assault rifles?

Anonymous said...

Laugh of the Day
If you can stomach "Esquire's" writing slant,here's a recap of Steve King winning in Iowa-to the disdain and puzzlement of media.
GRA:"Esquire"blames it on white red-necks.They throw out the usual MSM favored garbage--homophobia,Islamaphobia,racism-- to explain why King keeps winning.
The last line said by an Iowan was the only REAL reason:"We think the western culture is the best one."
I'll add,western WHITE culture.
--GR Anonymous