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Racist, Ashford House Terrorists Say They Did Nothing Wrong, Leave Soft Plea Deal on Table; Racist Feds Agree

The five suspected Tinley Park racist terrorists so far in custody. If I hadn't known any better, I'd have taken them for neo-Nazis, especially Alex Stuck or Struck, the one with the prominent scar near his right eye (it's bleached out here) and the "VILE" tattoo on this throat, and Cody Sutherlin. (Carrie Frillman/Tinley Park Patch)

[“Neo-Nazi Mob Commits Attempted Mass Murder in Chicago Suburb”; and

“Tinley Park Racist Terrorists Use Legal Sophistry to Try and Get Arrest Thrown Out.”]

By Nicholas Stix

On May 19, a mob of white, self-styled “anti-racists”--violent white communists or anarchists who wage race war on other whites--committed a terrorist attack, using deadly weapons on patrons at the Ashford House restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois, adjacent to Chicago.

The terrorists’ targets were members of the white supremacist group, Stormfront, but they also assaulted several people in the restaurant who had no connection to Stormfront.

The terrorists battered at least nine restaurant patrons and owner Mike Winston with baseball bats, extendable metal batons, hammers, table legs and nunchucks.

On Sunday (May 20), Orland Park resident Edward Hiller was eating at another Tinley Park restaurant.

“To walk into a restaurant at 1 in the afternoon and start attacking people like that with bats and hammers, that’s intent to kill,” said Hiller, who lives across the street from the Ashford House. That’s definitely a scary thing.”

Surveillance cameras inside the restaurant captured the attack and footage was turned over to Tinley Park police, [Ashford House owner Mike] Winston said.”

Winston said that during the attack most of the men’s face coverings were torn off.

“Most of these kids were white, and they all looked like they were between 18 and 25,” he said.
A police officer stopped a car that matched the description of a vehicle that had fled the crime scene. She found various deadly weapons and black attire in the vehicle, which matched the weapons and attire used by the terrorists, called for backup, and took the five white males in the vehicle into custody.

Defendants, “have pleaded not guilty to mob action, armed violence, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property.”
In June, defendants John Tucker, 26; Cody Sutherlin, 24; Dylan Sutherlin, 20; Alex Stuck, 22; and Jason Sutherlin, 33, pleaded not guilty to “37 counts related to mob action, armed violence, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property.”

On December 18, Patch’s Joe Vince reported that the suspects’ attorneys had said “the five were part of a group of 15 to 20 people planning a peaceful protest of the suspected white supremacists' meeting.”

The suspects think they are victims of a politicized criminal justice system. I kid you not.

Associate Judge Carmen K. Aguilar has offered the suspects a deal thsat would have them serving a little bit less than the seven-year sentence offered by the prosecution, which sounds pretty sweet to me, given that they should serve at least 20 years for their many crimes. They have so far rejected the judge’s offer, but it is still on the table.

The suspects are trying to get the evidence from the traffic stop suppressed, as well as statements two suspects made at the time. Their suppression motion will be heard by Judge Aguilar on January 4. Crime scene DNA evidence also ties them to the terrorist attack.

Although the terrorist action entailed any number of federal felonies, including conspiracy to violate a person or persons’ civil rights, and crossing state lines to violate a person or persons’ civil rights, the Obama-Holder Justice Department has ignored it, just as it ignores all violations of whites’ civil rights, unless the whites are members of unconstitutionally protected groups.

The MSM have also buried this story. The dogged, unpaid reporters at Patch have done the paid (in the case of TV, overpaid) MSM’s job for them.

Website Asks Ashford House 5 Supporters to “Pack Courtroom” Next Month

A website devoted to raising money to pay the legal fees for the five Indiana men charged assault in this summer's restaurant brawl wants to show solidarity for the defendants at their next court date in January.
By Joe Vince
December 18, 2012
Orland Park Patch

A website put out a call Monday to show support for the five Indiana men charged for their involvement in the Ashford House attack case, asking sympathizers to "pack the courtroom" at the defendants' January court date.

The site—, which has been raising money to help pay the group's legal fees—and Chicago Anarchist Black Cross posted online statements, explaining that attending the defendants' Jan. 4 hearing at the Bridgeview Courthouse will show the court what kind of public support the men have.

READ: Ashford House 5 Leaves Plea Deal on the Table, for Now

"[The website] asked us to pack the courtroom not only to show solidarity to our comrades who are facing these ridiculous charges but also to let the judge know just how many people are watching this case," read the posting for the event on ChicagoABC's Facebook page.

John Tucker, 26; Cody Sutherlin, 24; Dylan Sutherlin, 20; Alex Stuck, 22; and Jason Sutherlin, 33, have pleaded not guilty to mob action, armed violence, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property. They all have been in custody since the May 19 incident.

Police say the five men—three of whom are brothers—stormed the Ashford House restaurant in Tinley Park with their faces covered and began pummeling a group of diners and random patrons, using extendable batons, table legs, nunchucks and bats. Authorities have said those targeted were affiliated with white supremacist movements, and defendants are said to be members of the Anti-Racist Action (ARA), a network of militant left-wing groups. But attorneys for the men say the five were part of a group of 15 to 20 people planning a peaceful protest of the suspected white supremacists' meeting.

READ: Check Out Patch's Ashford House Attack Section for Complete Coverage

At a hearing Monday, Dec. 17, lawyers for the Ashford House 5 declined a plea deal from a Cook County judge. The offer, however, is still on the table, and the men want to see how the judge will rule Jan. 4 on a motion to suppress the vehicle stop that resulted in their arrests.

The defendants—known collectively as the Ashford House 5 or the Tinley Park 5—have become symbols for members of anti-racism and anti-fascist organizations around the United States. Since the brawl, the group has been used as a rallying point for protests and fundraisers.

READ: Tinley Park 5 Becomes Symbol for Groups Across the Country

"Had the TP5 ran into that restaurant and done everything that they're accused of doing with the intent to rob someone, they would have been released by now," wrote Jacob Domke, a member of the Indiana-based Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, in a Patch letter to the editor that explained why he thought the men were being treated unfairly by the justice system. "They would have been offered a quick and easy plea deal since no one was seriously injured. However, this is not the situation at hand. … This is not a typical criminal case and is inherently political both because of the alleged motivations of the defendants and the response by the State."

Read the full calls to action at the Tinley Park 5 website and ChicagoABC's Facebook page. Mission statements can be found on the Tinley Park 5 website's About page and ChicagoABC's website.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, don't these look like the kind of Great White Defendants the MSM is always looking for? They're not?

For one thing, this case doesn't have the preferred kind of victim. For another, these are white defendants the MSM may have some sympathy for.

I've written previously that the reason you don't often see black victims in nationally publicized trials is because they would have to show the perpetrator also, who is almost always black.

For the MSM to cover a criminal case and trial, things usually have to line up, both victim and defendant.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

White-on-white crime doesn't rise to the level of "hate," and so does not make the evening "news."

Like with "white" defendant Jacob England.

As for who was attacking whom, it doesn't matter what someone's political views are; it is still vigilantism.