Monday, January 07, 2013

Journalistic Alchemy at the AP: “Reporters” Turn Story of Blacks’ Long-Ago Racist, Paranoid Refusal to Cooperate with the Census Bureau into a Discovery of Yet Another White Racist Outrage, with Blacks “being Written Out of History”; Can a Frivolous, Multi-Billion-Dollar Lawsuit be Far Behind? (Revised and Expanded!)

By Nicholas Stix

Associated Press operatives Cristian Salazar, Deepti Hajela, and Randy Herschaft--remember those names!--discovered that during the 1930s, blacks were so notorious for refusing to cooperate with the Census Bureau that FDR begged them to play ball. In other words, that old racist black paranoia that we’ve all come to know and love was at work.

At the time, blacks were so notorious for refusing to cooperate with census workers that they hurt their own localities with regards to federal money. The Democratic Roosevelt Administration therefore put on a huge push to get them to play ball, practically begging them to cooperate. But the true story is politically incorrect, and so the AP operatives who crafted this content, Cristian Salazar, Deepti Hajela, and Randy Herschaft, with the help of a racist black fake historian, turned reality upside down, creating instead a fictional replacement story about white racism and black victims.

I tried to post the above observations at the AP site. After I did, the censor wrote, “Comments for this page are closed.” Neither mine nor anyone else’s comment was posted. I wonder how many comments were sent down the memory hole?

AP: “An enumerator visited the building on at least five occasions in April 1940, according to the census records. An Associated Press review of the records found no listing of [Althea] Gibson, who was 12 at the time, or her parents, at that address, though other building residents were counted.”

Racist black fake historian Celedonia "Cal" Jones, who claims to have been a 1940 neighbor of future tennis great Althea Gibson, when they were both children in Harlem, asserts,
Jones isn't surprised that his childhood friend and others somehow got left out.
“‘It's part and parcel of being written out of history, that's the first step,’ he said.

‘You don't count.’”
Way to turn the truth upside down, “historian” Celedonia “Cal” Jones. Your people refused to be counted; no one eliminated them. If the Roosevelt Administration was busy writing negroes out of history, it wouldn’t have been chasing after them, begging them to participate, and the census enumerator would not have visited the Gibsons’ building at all, much less five times. And if the feds were looking to write blacks out of history, why would they record so many of the Gibsons’ neighbors in the same building? Heck, if your neighborhood was as violent as you claimed four years earlier, it’s a wonder that the census enumerator dared to visit the Gibsons’ building even once.

Celedonia “Cal” Jones is not some idiotic anomaly; he is a stereotypical idiot. This is the way racist black “scholars,” including those with endowed chairs and rooms full of awards routinely speak.

It must have been a conspiracy. The feds knew Althea Gibson was going to grow up to be a two-time Wimbledon and U.S. Open singles champion (both in 1957 and 1958), and sought to pre-empt her from history. As for the 6.3 million whites who were undercounted in 1940, pay them no mind. An undercounted white is not equal to an undercounted black, anyway.

In 2008, Jones told NPR that where he lived, circa 1940, was “one of the toughest blocks in the city,” where little boys had a peculiar way of introducing themselves to newcomers.
"I remember moving to 143rd Street between Lennox and Seventh; that was probably one of the toughest blocks in the city at the time. The first day that I moved into the block and came out to play, this fellow comes up and he said, 'Hey, my name is Dickey, what's yours?' So I said, 'Well, I'm Cal,' and I put my hand out to shake and ... bang, he hits me in the eye.

"All I wanted to do was be friends," Jones told him.

"That's how we start friends in this block," Dickey responded.

Considering how Jones has depicted that neighborhood, it’s all the more impressive that the census enumerator kept going back. That’s assuming Jones wasn’t engaging in a little “oral history.”
The blogger Countenance responded to an earlier version of this item by asking,
Why do you think blacks didn't want to cooperate? Did they think a war was coming, and didn't want to create a paper trail of themselves and avoid being drafted? (I know the draft actually predated Pearl Harbor -- Draft enacted September '40, PH December '41). Or did they just not want paper trails to themselves in general for the same reason they fear cooperating with census takers today, that they somehow think the Census Bureau and the police cooperate?
I think the latter reason was likely more influential. However, one may not discount racially-motivated shirking. Few people today are aware that Elijah Pool/Muhammad (1897-1975) who, for the last 41 or so years of his life led the black supremacist murder cult, the Nation of Islam--which is today a major ally of the dictator calling himself “Barack Obama”--refused to register for the draft, crisscrossed the country after Pearl Harbor, telling blacks to do likewise, and speaking in support of our Japanese enemies.

Pool/Muhammad was arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of sedition, and spent 1942-1946 in prison.

Time was, the federal government took the laws against sedition, treason, and illegal immigration with the seriousness they demand.

During the Vietnam War, Pool/Muhammad repeated his offense, talking then heavyweight boxing champion Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali into refusing to serve in the army, and making seditious statements (“I ain’t got nothin’ against no Viet Cong!”) Pool/Muhammad then had very little prestige among blacks, but Clay/Ali was number one in their hearts, and the former sought to use the latter, in order to incite sedition on a massive scale.

In recent years, I have seen blacks come up with a revisionist rationalization for Clay/Ali, whereby he was a religious-based conscientious objector. That will only work with a devotee of a pacifist faith, such as the Quakers. It won’t fly with any Moslem or member of the NOI, because those ideologies both embrace war.

Clay/Ali was convicted and imprisoned for his draft dodging, but later released when a seditious, leftwing Supreme Court manufactured a phony pretext, with which to throw out his conviction, 8-0 (the only black member, Thurgood Marshall, abstaining), arguing that his belief was “sincere,” and that the Justice Department failed to give its reasons for rejecting Clay/Ali’s conscientious objector status.

So, why didn’t the courts throw out Pool/Muhammad’s conviction during The War? His support of our Japanese enemies was every bit as sincere, and based in the NOI’s “religious” teachings (i.e., Pool/Muhammad’s own teachings) as Clay/Ali’s embrace of the Viet Cong.

Consistently using “sincerity” as a criterion for conscientious objector status would have all sorts of calamitous consequences. I know, some purported civil libertarians will tell us that “content neutrality” must reign. I don’t buy that. I don’t for a minute see the Supreme Court ruling on behalf of white supremacists or neo-Nazis with the same generous spirit as it does for genocidal black supremacists.

The DOJ was correct, in denying that the NOI is a religion, but pulled its punches, as to what it knew about the murder cult, and the Supreme Court justices were looking for any pretext to spring Clay/Ali, which was their m.o. in black racial cases.

(While one can debate how much of the blame should go to Pool/Muhammad and Clay/Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., or the Black Panthers, sedition was rampant among black troops in Vietnam, including the “fragging” of white officers. The media and academia performed their usual alchemy in this case, as well, by reversing reality, such that racist blacks in the service suffered “racism,” just as the media and antiversity turned reality upside down, in “reporting” that blacks suffered a disproportionate number of casualties.)

The media and academia routinely print such lies, in order to foster murderous black racism, and frivolous black lawsuits. The AP’s census caper is no different. Let the lawsuits begin!


Anonymous said...

I'm getting sick of all these double standards. These black supremacists constantly get special treatment and society has brainwashed most whites to believe that blacks can do no wrong and that everything they do is somehow justified or even righteous.

Whenever someone tells me there is no double standards I usually respond with the following:

If blacks can have black pride parades which are celebrated by society as something which is good and proper, then why is it that if I even suggest we should have a white pride parade I am greeted with a cold stare, called racist and told that I will burn in Hell?

Are whites not allowed to have pride in America today? Apparently not. All you have to do is have a vague understanding of the liberal agenda to know that any white man with any amount of pride about his race is obviously an evil racist that must be eradicated from the face of the Earth. A white man can't even defend himself from typical black violent crimes without the MSM calling the white guy a racist monster, all the while portraying the black robber/rapist/murderer a misunderstood saint who only does crime because he is the poor defenseless victim of 'whitey'.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I was reading something about draft dodging and evasion during the Vietnam War. It seems blacks could (and did) avoid the draft by staying in their own neighborhood. The authorities would not come after them. I forget where I read this, but this fact of history has been pretty much supressed.

The "blacks suffered more casualties in Vietnam" myth has been debunked many times by serious historians but lives on through the Usual Suspects.

David In TN